A lot of questions have been throwing up to me the moment I started Luckilylenny, I still get surprised when people ask me random questions even if I write about random things.  People used to think that blogging is a form of money making and so forth, but I’d like to say that it’s more of an expression of one’s thought. It’s more of a writing. Continue reading “CONFESSIONS OF LUCKILYLENNY | FAQ ANSWERED!”


My Dear Jeremiah,

The last time I wrote a letter is about waiting, before that, I also wrote a letter which I did not publish on the blog and I sent it instead directly to the person’s email. I also had a blog post about beauty makeup a couple of days ago. My means of communication at work is majority through emails and to reach my friends and family members back home is through chatting on my social media tools. Continue reading “A LETTER TO JEREMIAH”


Hi, Christopher!

The funny thing about life is that as much as we wanted to move forward there are some days that we feel like taking a break, to pause, to relax, and to keep waiting. Even if we are waiting for nothing and that’s the funniest thing to say for now! Continue reading “A LETTER TO CHRISTOPHER”



Achieving the perfect romantic date has set off its way a few months back since we intended to have an outdoor activities date, mostly filming around the streets of Doha. You have probably seen it on my Instagram feed that we were on the road for some quite time around. Continue reading “THE ANATOMY OF A CHEF’S MENU| ANTICA PESA RESTAURANT”


Hi Mr. DJ!

I feel so groovy today writing you a letter simply because your name gives me a boost to start up the day. I thank you for that.

I always, always wonder the same as you. Continue reading “A LETTER TO MR. DJ”



This is no surprise for my readers that I am definitely a coffee person. I don’t know how it all started, but everyday our relationship keeps going stronger, day by day.

For the many, days can never be complete without the taste of coffee. To enumerate all its health benefit is innumerable, but one thing is for certain; coffee boosts our whole self-being! I never skip coffee, it’s like a vitamin that keeps me goin’ through the day. Continue reading “FOR THE LOVE OF COFFEE: FIGARO COFFEE QATAR -Grand Launch Opening”

Love Story at the Most Unexpected Way

I found my way on reminiscing my old statuses to Facebook through FB notifications – see your memories. The feeling is so nostalgic every time we have the chance to look back on our old photos and with our old selves. Reminiscing to the past makes us wonder where are the days went? Truly, it happens so fast. As in time realllllllly fliesssss so fast!

Since then, I have notice that I have some days of wanting to write. Although I have to say that I am not really inclined to writing but there were days that I really felt like writing my thoughts.

Continue reading “Love Story at the Most Unexpected Way”


When was the last time you dated your wife/husband?

Fine! Ours was last December 2016. Just the two of us and a simple dinner (as I remember) and a little shopping for Christmas Season. (little? Am I right? Ughh. Stop it Lenny)

Ahhhhh. During our relationship as boyfriend-girlfriend, we usually go on a date on a daily-weekly-basis. If there’s a movie to catch, then surely we are present for it. Annd if there’s a new resto in town, then it’s on our list to try on.

I can say that things change a bit regarding on how we spend time together during our married life. Well, I am not writing this as a complain memo to my husband but hear me out on the following paragraphs as I have to say a lot of explanations. Hehehe

Well, sharing you my personal life experiences are definitely part of my blog, and of course that includes my married life. So, I won’t ask you again to “allow me to share” since I observe that I always write this stuff “please allow me to share.. blah blah blah” on my previous posts, I won’t be using that again, ever again. Hehe Continue reading “Date-dating”