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EID AL ADHA 2016 Vacation (Sealine Beach)

Hep hep hooray!

I bet you’ve been wondering why my current posts are inclined to outdoor and beaches despite the fact that I am here in the land of dessert, Qatar.

Well hey! Qatar is surrounded by good beaches also. That’s the one thing I truly love in this place, the smell of the sea salt water and the wind breeze when I got the chance to pass by Corniche area. Annnnd yes, I am a self-proclaimed beach lover.

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EID AL ADHA 2016 Vacation (Wakra Beach)

Helooo there!

Eid Mubarak!

It’s basically holiday here in Middle East because it’s the second of the two special holidays for Muslims.  So holiday means no work day – vacation! It is usually a three-day-non-working-day for the most, but fortunately mine was a total of seven days including Friday and Saturday which is a regular day-off in our office.

Most of the expats leave the country for vacation to other country or some may prefer to visit their home countries. Hello! That’s quite a long vacation so you might want to spend those days with something special.

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