He said..

On a note, I always take second or even third convincing notion for myself. So, I always run to my husband to take a pill of strength and confidence.

Here are some of the collected convincing and heart warming pushhhy phrases from him to boost my confidence.

I’m sure pag nasimulan mo lang, ideas will flow like a river..


ikaw ah..kaw magaling dyn e, binibigyan lang kita idea..


dont try to impress, think write(right) from the heart nga diba..basta yung perspective mo lang, then ano ba naging experience mo, what is like to have a perfect wedding, that weddings are always perfect if you find the right person, and it has nothing to do with how you work with decorations, something like that..just giving you idea..


Blog naman yan babz e..kaya pwede kahit yung mga daily basis..maybe sa kagustuhan mo magpa impress kaya tingin mo ang hirap na magasulat..just blog whats yout thoughts..


galing mo sa ganyan noh, pang speaker..hehe


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