Welcome to Luckilylenny.com!

Experiences, learnings, adventures, mistakes, memories, love, time, make us all unique from each and everyone yet still relatable in every aspect of life.


And that is the total reason why I created Luckilylenny.com as an online journal relating to all the experiences and learnings that could possibly touch one person’s life. Yes, at least one person. I am happy with that!


holly feather (1)Hi, I’m Lenny! My friends call me Len and you can call me the same because I like it better. I am born and raised in the Philippines and currently living in Doha, Qatar with my husband. I am full time working as Human Resource Practitioner.

I started this blog since July 2016 out of my hunger to voice out all my thoughts and random feelings. If everyone considers this as part-time work and a hobby, mine would have to be an extension of my life.  I love writing and stuff like these makes my life extra fulfilled. I am thrilled that you are here, that means that you like to read a lot! Mind if you want to receive an open letter? Yes, I write letters to random people and publish it publicly on this blog. If you want one, here’s the mechanics.

Food and travel add a beautiful escape to what we desire. I write travel guides and itinerary and with the help of my husband, Mr. Lucky makes a travel video for the blog. Awesome? Yes, it is! Food will always be a part of our everyday life, isn’t obvious?

My favorite place on earth would be by the sea. I love coffee and I am a self-proclaimed Kdrama fanatic. I can watch and finish a drama series in one day without getting out of the bed. (Just supply me with food!) 

I like sharing most of my learnings and realizations in life so I put up this blog, for you. You got it right. This is for you! You, the one reading it right now.

This blog is for you!

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