The entire process ofΒ getting a resident permit or work visa was rather vague and unpleasant to most expats I have encountered due to insufficient and inaccurate information. That is, I decided to share my experiences not as an expat who got an RP 3 years ago, but as an HR professional who walks with this process every day of my life since I became an expat. Continue reading “COMPLETE GUIDE IN GETTING A WORK VISA IN QATAR”

Essential Guidelines for “first-time-risk-takers kabayan” in Qatar

Marhabaan Bikum fi Qatar!Β 

(Of course I googled it)Β Welcome to Qatar Kabayan!

Let me share you some of the guidelines that will be or may be helpful to you in taking a leap of faith out of your comfort zone. If you are not aiming Qatar as your target of work place, don’t worry some may be helpful to you along the way or if you’re not Kabayan, don’t fret because some rules may also apply to majority. Continue reading “Essential Guidelines for “first-time-risk-takers kabayan” in Qatar”