Letter to Eiffel

Dear Eiffel,

Marry a man that will inspire you, and that’s how you glow and will keep you blooming all the time despite in spite of marriage. Keep love and romance alive even in the hardest situation of being married. You gotta know that in this world, there’s no such thing as perfect. Everything are being earned and work out. I’ve got to say this to you that you should be able to learn your man’s love language for you to be able to dance with the rhythm.  Continue reading “Letter to Eiffel”

Letter to IL-LET

Dearest Il-let,

First and foremost I must say thank you. Thank you for taking this courage (if courage is the right term to describe you being the first one to try this on my blog) on giving me some of information I needed to start with this kind of experiment. Thank you.

I must have been bored to wait for someone who could share his details about this letters that’s why I send you direct message (you were not the first one I must say), I thought it would be difficult for you to give me the details, but to my surprise you send me automatically in a span of planck time. (just so you know, planck time is a unit of time use to describe the time required for light to travel) Whoooooosh! As speed as it was! You must have been prepared before I got the chance to ask you about this, or you have been preparing to send me the details before I ask you directly. Continue reading “Letter to IL-LET”