Wait a second.

Woah! This is the first ever Blogger Award has ever received in the entire blogosphere. I personally thank for nominating me. It is an honor to be recognized and remembered by a great and compassionate blogger like you.

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Slowly and getting slowly, my days are getting close to what I have been waiting for so long.

I have dreamed of it from the moment I I first touch my camera and started compiling ideal shots and pegs so once I came to see it, I’ll be able to have it on my own. Days are now getting slowly as I reach the day that I have been waiting for. I am still here, hanging and waiting for my vacation to arrive.

This may be a little overblown thought of me to arrive in my blog how I excited I am to be finally setting my feet at the airport. No. not yet today. I still have a couple of weeks to wait and prepare for the big day of my expat life. Continue reading “1st DAY TARGET”

Waiting for Vacation

Nearly 2 months and I’ll be back to my home country, for a vacation. I’ve got to say this that I am beyond excited about this. Funny is, it what makes me go up early from bed and finish the day and jump off to the next, and the next up to nest is the reason what keeps me going. (Slow down Lenny!)

It’s close to 2 years of being an expat and trying to contemplate on the things I’ve learned and experiences made me a person of today. Each day is always a battle of wanting to reach the day of my vacation versus the anxiety of being away from my desk at work. You see, from the day that you established yourself committing to your career, you can’t just let it be and do it’s own thing. I have to do something about this for me to enjoy my vacation. Let’s get it on! Continue reading “Waiting for Vacation”

Family Friday Out

Once I told you how the usual expat family spend their normal weekend, it’s simple and it’s basic yet fun.

Picnic, as I believe is the simplest form of bonding a group of people can have. Regardless if you are family or group of friends, meals are always at it’s best when being shared and eaten outdoors.  – Plus the fact that meals are home cooked! The best!

On a conventional basis, since this is Qatar; best way to enjoy outdoors is to visit the Parks and Beaches. This time we went for a picnic. Continue reading “Family Friday Out”

Thoughts on Photos

Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world – Bruno Barbey

I am a self proclaim enthusiast when it comes to photography and style. I am not a professional and inclined to its technicalities but I can see the beauty of every photo lies beneath its colors. Wow! Majestic!

With the fast growing industry of photography, we were all bound to witness rising photographers who are really fantastic in their fields. Greatly, we have the chance to view their masterpieces with the help of social media news feeds. Continue reading “Thoughts on Photos”

Slumbook Q & A Portion for LuckilyLenny

Who among you didn’t experience answering a slum book? Come on guys, everyone does this challenge way back our childhood memories. It’s fun! Annnd exciting.

I know, it’s a secret motive for you to be able to know your crush’s insights regarding on different matters, especially his/her love life. Right? I did it, that’s why I knew this kind of tactic. Lol

Seriously speaking, I came across a wordpress blogger’s post on the same slumbook questions and got me interested and convinced by myself  to have this chance of answering all of this.

It got me stuck up with some questions, and took me some time before I can be able to answer them. It made me wonder also the what if’s.. kind of a dramatic post. Here we go again! Continue reading “Slumbook Q & A Portion for LuckilyLenny”

Goodbye Memories

I literally wanted to cry out loud right now. I wanted to weep that it really, really hurts so bad.

I know you are all aware of the feeling that something has taken away from you. When all of a sudden. You aren’t either prepare for it, none of us.

Memories are invested through time and love. Those are treasured beyond matters, and to keep memories last we have to save them through photo keepsakes. I personally love documenting not just special occasions but also day-to-day basis that is worth capturing.

When Iphone 6 hit the market, I really wanted to invest myself one because not just because it’s trendy but my works somehow demands the quality of this phone, plus the fact that I like it. I invested one, and decided to go on a 64gb memory because I intend it for my photos and videos.

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I Dreamed Last Night

I was on a surprise birthday party for one of my colleague last night. Of course just like any other birthday party, it was indeed a blast! Credits to Aireen, Ate Judy, Sheen and all the organizer who made it possible. Birthday girl, Ate Michelle is sooo lucky! It’s everybody’s hidden wish just so you know! To have a surprise birthday party for you. (Ehem Joaaanna!)

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To be exact, I am 21 months old living life work-home vise a verse here in Doha. It is short compared to others who have given more than 5 years of service in foreign country without returning or visiting home. Wheww! If you’re one of these I salute you ma’am/sir! I can’t imagine where you are taking in all your patience to survive in this lonely world of overseas working, away from home.

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