“What if no one reads my blog?”

That was the most nerve-wracking question I had for myself the moment I published my first ever post. Although I had admitted a couple of million times that this blog is made up of my impulsivity, I am still haunted by horrific thoughts to get myself back down.

It was never easy, and who said it was?  Continue reading “A YEAR OF LEARNING | 1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF LUCKILYLENNY”



You’d see me around in every cafe shops in my laptop and lazy day outfit sipping on my latte on a typical Saturday afternoon. Yes, that is how my life usually runs through every working day on my blog.  I have to literally drag myself out of the house if I need to do something, or else I’ll be stuck watching K-drama at home (not-bad eh?). Regardless if it is a working blog day or just to catch up with friends, I really rely on a good spot where comfort and basic needs are on point. Continue reading “NEW FOUND SPOT | L’EVIDENCE CAFE DOHA (+ GIVE AWAY)”


My Dear Friend,  allow me to address you the character closest to your personality on the most awaited and my favorite TV series, Game of Thrones.

(*insert GOT intro song*)  


Dearest Princess Lady of Winterfell, Little Dove, Sansa Stark,

Blessings of the Seven Gods to you, My Lady.

It is with great honor and pride to write you a letter, to see you grown up to be the woman today is much more of a pride to me.

I’ve seen you fallen seven hell of a times, but you keep rising over and over again. I have watched you being scolded of a superior in the middle of the war yet you still stood with great confidence and courage to face another battle. I’ve seen you cried and weeping with pain yet you still managed to put colors on your face. Continue reading “A LETTER TO SANSA STARK”


A lot of questions have been throwing up to me the moment I started Luckilylenny, I still get surprised when people ask me random questions even if I write about random things.  People used to think that blogging is a form of money making and so forth, but I’d like to say that it’s more of an expression of one’s thought. It’s more of a writing. Continue reading “CONFESSIONS OF LUCKILYLENNY | FAQ ANSWERED!”


My Dear Jeremiah,

The last time I wrote a letter is about waiting, before that, I also wrote a letter which I did not publish on the blog and I sent it instead directly to the person’s email. I also had a blog post about beauty makeup a couple of days ago. My means of communication at work is majority through emails and to reach my friends and family members back home is through chatting on my social media tools. Continue reading “A LETTER TO JEREMIAH”


I admit it.

I love taking selfies, with great and perfect lighting! I love to see my face exactly the way how I visualize it. I am not narcissistic, so that’s a disclaimer to begin with.

I have a very few but not limited products that I put on my big, fat – happy face. I can take as fast as 1 minute on a normal day for me to apply these few products. A normal day for me happens the majority of the year. Full makeup would have to be a life celebration, like attending a wedding, or an Award’s night, which the latter do not takes place. Ever. Continue reading “THINGS I PUT ON MY FACE | #nofilter”


I couldn’t find any other words to describe my title on the real feeling I have with this tell off post. Considering that one of this blog’s aim is to share positivity, yet here I am posting a very strong negative word which is “hate“. I understand if it may sound negative, but let me get out of this on my chest and write it all, all at once today.

Becoming an expat is indeed a  life changing event for the majority. Economically speaking it’s a great source of advantage to save for the future and invest to whatever you would like to take in. It is also a good turn of event for everyone’s career growth as it really offers a wide course of green of the greenest pasture. (You know what I am saying!) Topping on that, being an expat is that you able to meet a lot of people in different kinds, levels, personalities, nationalities – as in on random things without you planning that at the end of the day, you are already attached to them and your friendship has already built. Continue reading “WHAT I HATE THE MOST ON BEING AN EXPAT”


The memories are still clear when I first laid my eyes on Souq Waqif for the first time. It was a feeling that made me realize, Ahhhhh this is Qatar! 

Even so, I couldn’t seem to count how many times I have visited this place. It has been a part of my journey from the very beginning. It makes me travel back in time where Qatar was still a small fishing village back on its own history. Walking on its corridors while crossing different types of strangers and seeing arrays of merchandise presented in every store is a fusion of modern and traditional kick.

I will definitely bring you with me as I journey myself again to this beautiful maze and historic Souq Waqif. Let’s go? Continue reading “TALE AS OLD AS TIME | SOUQ WAQIF”