But are you really an Influencer?

The question hits me so hard to the extent I paused on blogging and reevaluate my blog over and over again.

In the world of Social Media where every profile and feed are #goals, I’d like to think what does it really means to be an Influencer?

Is it measured by the number of followers?

How about the amazing contents being curated on the grids?

or maybe the numbers of countries you have visited?

Maybe, the views and likes you get on your content?

If this is the basis, clearly I am NOT one of it.

A long time ago before I made myself into the blogging world and creating content in the Social Media, I am inside of a four-wall room, standing in front of at least forty students discussing some theories of personality in Psychology. I used to teach college students with the course module in Psychology. (hello students!) And truthfully,  being a young College Instructor I was, I made every discussion engaging and interactive. We even had some activities outside the school. I made myself sure that all my students will never forget the way I am as a “teacher” to them. Past forward today, the majority of them are working in their line of careers and reaching out to me that they still doing the same working style as what I had with them before. I’d like to think that I made a mark on their lives in that manner.

As you see, even before the days of Instagram we have the ability to influence people in our unintentional actions.
What more if it is intentional?

I came to understand the complexities of the word “Influencer” when I had this long break from blogging. Each day passed, dreaming of what content I shall make for the blog makes me cringe because of the thought what If no one cares about what I am doing? Until I realized that even though I am not giving updates on the blog, there are still numbers on my statistics playing around. I still receive some inquiries from my readers, and I am still being invited to some PR events.

That made me think that I am still capable of writing out my thoughts, or shall we say – Influence.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of holly feather

As long as we are existing, we can not avoid our influence on others. No matter what we do, whatever we do, our actions and opinions will affect another person.

When Peach came into my life, I unintentionally stopped posting pictures and curating nice and Instagrammable photos because my priorities were all shifted in one place and that is to take care of Peach and focus on being a Mum. I started to spend a lot of time in my real world and realize that each person that I am dealing had made an influence on me.

The simplest things that influenced me recently surprised me even more because I never thought it will bring me a new positive outlook in life. Here are a few:

  1. My officemate who is starting a new business venture always discuss her plans with me. It was so inspiring to the point I was able to start blogging again.
  2. The lady I used to ride with the metro station is always having a bag pack. She is wearing corporate attire and so am I. Later on, I shifted to a bag pack from my shoulder bag. I never thought that it is so comfortable to commute with hands-free and a bag pack even though you’re on a corporate attire.
  3. The delivery boy from the grocery store that used to deliver our goods despite the heat of Summer in Doha.
  4. The lady from the Mall who pick up Peach’s toy.
  5. Our office tea girl who always offers drinks with a smile on her face. 

These instances guarantee that numbers of likes in our Social Media don’t define ourselves in influencing others. Our ability to influence other people has nothing to do with our followers.

We never know how influential we are to other people that’s why a little kindness goes along the way.

So, I will drop the question again.

Are you an INFLUENCER?

Our answer should be YES by now.

Every one of us is capable of influencing others. We lead others through our words, we decide because of others experiences. Whether you have 2 Million or 2 Thousand followers on Instagram, you are capable of Influencing others. Everyone is. We are all influencers. Clearly, the basis of Influence is not measured by the numbers on your Social media. 

The catch here is that…

Are we influencing people in a positive way?
That I leave the question with you.


Happy Anniversary to us, folks!
Let’s keep influencing each other in a positive way.

T R O P I C A N A (9)

Instagram Account: @luckilylenny
Facebook Page: Luckilylenny Random Thoughts



  1. Hi Leni,

    By the way, just dropping by to attest to this: We never know how influential we are to other people that’s why a little kindness goes along the way

    You made comments before when my blog was still active. Comments that made me believe in kindness and how it transforms people for the better. And that kindness, I’m proud to say keeps paying forward.

    A big thank you to you young lady.

    Sapayla kuma ta ni Apo Dios ti maki-adda kanyam ken dayta pamilyam. Congratulations to your family and your beautiful baby girl.

    Dios ti agngina.

    Siak aytoy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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