When I was pregnant, one of my friends gifted me a book about What to Expect When You’re Expecting. It was a week by week, – step by step learning discovery of what is happening to your body while you are nurturing a new life inside you. It’s an amazing book but to be honest, I seldom open it only when I have some issues to clear on my mind relating to my pregnancy. 

Aside from the laziness I had during my pregnancy, I had tons of baby/pregnancy app on my phone to learn the process and what to expect on the real thing when the baby came out. I can say that I really educate myself on this whole process.


No one.

I clearly imagined the days when I was planning my contents about Motherhood. I imagined that after I delivered to Peach, I will update my blog more on my journeys relating to my discoveries as a new mum, more like updating it according to the milestone of Peach, what are the things we love to do, my birthing story, etc.

Lo and behold, it didn’t happen until now.

When I gave birth to Peach,  I knew that our lives will be changed forever. But I wasn’t expecting that it will also change myself. 

My life changed because my old-self died that day and I was re-born as a MOTHER.

My whole life revolves around her now. And one thing everybody said was true, I fell in love and nothing could ever compare to the love I feel for my daughter.

Up until now, I am still trying to get to know my new self. Days were all gone when I had the chance to binge-watch my favorite series without interruptions, go out without carrying multiple bags, curl my hair, or even a complete 8-hour sleep at night. You get the picture.Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of holly feather

It has been 10 months since I became a mother. And I am starting to feel like I am finding the right amount of time for myself. Currently, I am enjoying to watch one episode every night at Netflix while Peach plays with her toys and randomly cuddles and latch on me from time to time. Plus the fact that I am writing on this blog again, Halleluiah!

I am rediscovering myself as a human and a great transition from a woman to a mother. If we are talking about the guilts I have, I think I need a separate blog post for that! Come on, who doesn’t have this thing called mum guilt? I am starting to realize how important the process of learning your new self and giving it a time to adjust. So here’s my fair share of the things I am currently doing and I think it’s working with me:

New YearStop overthinking. You are doing a great job. Remember that you are doing everything for your family and they are all the reason behind it.

New Year (1).pngAside from promoting a healthy lifestyle, it is guaranteed to alleviate stress and helps your overall attitude. (Thanks to the metro train station, I am forced to walk!)

New Year (2).pngSometimes a good conversation really helps a lot!

New Year (3).pngRemember that you have to be healthy also so that you can take care of your baby!


It may take time to see my whole new self again, but I know this all will be worth it. If by chance that you are having the same phase as I am, I am just one message away.

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