Hello there!

I really think that I owe you a lot for not updating this blog. It has been a long blog break and a lot of things happened that made me the person who I am today. Yes, I can say an updated version of Luckilylenny.

No, I wasn’t feeling guilty for not keeping the blog active since I have the perfect reason to take this long break. I bet if you are already knew me, you probably have known that my life is extra wonderful today, because of Peach.



I gave birth last September, it was excruciating yet the best day of my existence. It was the first time I held Peach on my arms, it was everything we wanted with Bryan. She is the daughter we prayed for. Past forward today, she is now 8 months old. A healthy happy, bouncing Chummy-chums.


During the blog break, my life was entirely focused in my family, to be specific with Peach. The first few months of having a new baby is to be honest, nothing but an overwhelming feeling. You feel so much happy yet you are covered with full of anxieties.

Feeding intervals, learning the language of baby, nipple problems and a lot of list  I could go on. I went on a sleepless nights because I wanted to watch my baby sleep. Then everyday figuring out the how’s and why’s happening with her. I was paranoid, yes I am.

But everyday that goes by, it gets so much better…

IMG_0549While respecting Peach’s own time of developmental stages, I have also my stages of confidence with the thing called “motherhood”. Am I doing this right? Is this too much for her?

There are a lot of parenting content everywhere and I exerted time to read and study all those things, only to figure out that the only thing will matter on motherhood is your unique connection with your baby.



Trusting yourself as a mother sorted out the first few months of being a new parent. Birthing to Peach means birthing to a new self as well. 

I am well aware that there are a lot of things will come on my way as a mother. Being a mother means so much love to me and I will try hard to keep the real thing on this blog.

IMG_0554 (1)


So stay with me as I embarks my new journey as a mother and learning everyday that goes around with it. 

Thank you if you are still here with me. Thank you for firing up the flame in me when I needed it the most.

See you in the next post!

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  1. First of all, congratulations on your new bundle of joy! You have had your hands full with such a beautiful little cutie. Second, I am so pleased to see this update. I was wondering just the other day where you’d disappeared to, I really missed reading your posts. It’s good to know you are well and happy. Stay blessed ❤

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