To begin with, please understand that I am not medically expert on PCOS and Pregnancy and thus, I can not supplement you further with any medical advice. I am sharing you today what worked for me to help me conceived and hoping that this blog post will be a great help for you in your journey.


I am married to a wonderful man about four years ago (Dec 2013) and during that time, having a baby was not yet our priority. We planned to have it after 1 year of marriage, after all plans were sorted out.

We are seeing our plans being sorted out. From savings, careers, travels but not the baby.

I knew in myself that I have problems with my hormones since I do not have my menstrual cycle every month. It would be normal for me not to have a period for a 2 or 3 months even I am already married. Therefore, each missed period is a false hope to achieving pregnancy.

Even before in my homecountry, I got myself checked with an Obgyne and confirmed that I am having PCOS. She then prescrbed me with vitamins such as Folic Acid, Vitamin E supplements and a hormonal pill to induce my menstruation. I followed her medical instructions and just go on with my life. My mantra before? If it’s for me, then it will be for me.

Fast forward, we managed ourselves to secure a job here in Qatar and made me eagerly build our family. 



It just came to a point when I realized that I just can’t sit back, work, travel, be patient and wait for it to happen. I remember the times when I would be searching and reading all articles in the web on how to get pregnant while PCOS, what to eat, what to do and all that stuffs that revolves on how will I work out myself. I know that conceiving a baby is ultimately not up to us, but with PCOS, I have to increase my chances of having a baby. I need to do something and I need to focus on it.


First thing first, I told my husband that I should be seeing a Doctor that will take care of me every month of cycle. My husband who has been supportive since from the beginning help me with all that I need. I believe in this kind of journey, your husband should be ALWAYS on your side emotionally and physically. You know that it takes a wife and a husband to make a baby!

July 2017 when we first consulted our OBGyne. Back then, I chose a Filipino ObGyne Doctor because it would be easier for me to be comfortable with my fellow nationality. Communication will get easier, so I thought of having her. By August 2017, she left for good and I transferred to another OBgyne. A Female Indian Doctor.

The first meeting with her turned out to be my best decision I ever made, and that is to stick with her as my OBGyne. Choosing your Doctor is also your responsibility to make. You have to be sure if you are comfortable with her and to see yourself if you trust her. I am with Dr. Sagnika Dash and she is working at this moment at Atlas Medical Center, located in Barwa Village if you may ask.


I was given a Folic Acid for the whole treatment eversince from the beginning. It’s a general vitamin for all women. Then Metformin to control the blood sugar level of my body. Duphaston to induce my menstrual cycle. Clomid to stimulate my ovulation, and lastly Gonal F a follicle stimulating hormone. 

Those medications mentioned above are with proper guidance and administration of Dr. Sagnika. Each month, she would then advise me to have an ultrasound to check the growth of my follicles and to see the size of my endometrium.

It was like a routinary check up with her. I would visit her 3 to 5 times a month to report body changes and to see my follicles as well if they are growing. My husband who’s with me every single consultation is such a big help. She even advises to have a check on him, so he did some laboratories to see if everything’s okay with him. Thankfully, all is fine with him.

Every month was an emotionally excruciating feeling with a high positive of hope. You do the baby dance most of the time – night and day, and see if something will work out. We didn’t gave up or felt that we’re being exhausted of all of these rather we just enjoyed the whole process.



To be honest, this part was the hardest! Since high sugar level reduce the chance of having a healthy follicle that will eventually turn to egg cells. I have to refrain myself to all sugary food and products. Name it all! I stop eating at my favorite restaurants because I have to cook food for myself. I stopped drinking cofffee, eating chocolates, ice cream and all heaven delights that I was indulging myself before. I stopped all of them and it was all worth it!

Aside from it, I started being physically active. I started brisk walking every night with my husband who does the jogging. I started dancing in front of my laptop. Do fun activities and opted to use stairs as much as I can.

Eating vegetables and fruit was never a hard task for me. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed a lot of it. Most fruits that I ussually buy are those fruits that are rich in colors! According to my Doctor, those fruits will contribute a lot in stimulating my follicles. Of course, do not forget the presence of all green vegetables. My favorite was the spinach!


While being taken care of my OB and under these certain medications, I refrain myself talking about my condition – all to my friends and family. Not that I wanted to keep it as a secret but to have a conversation about this is so emotional. I’d rather keep it with me and my husband, plus my doctor and live the life as normal as possible. Except with the absence of coffee and chocolates!

We managed to keep distant to all stressful matters as much as possible. I do not know how we did it but it’s how you handle the stress. Keep yourself always happy and positive.


Ultimately, keep reminding yourself that all women who struggle to get pregnant while PCOS has now their families of their own. Keep believing and work hard on it! Remember that in addition to medicine, weight loss combined with healthy lifestyle has also been shown to help women with PCOS to get pregnant.

I can not guarantee that all these approaches will work for you but I’d like to quote what Dr. Sagnika told me about my PCOS journey, ”Not all patients have the same outcome with similar treatment… it’s the positivity and your approach towards  life makes all the difference.”

Believe that it will be given to you while practicing self care. Every woman, every body, and everyone’s experience will totally be different from one another. But I do hope that this article somehow help, guide and inspire you.

Till next time, and baby dust to you dear momma!

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