If you would to ask me what is my favorite social media platform then I will happily say, Instagram. I have been using it ever since I started blogging and the inspiration for creativity brings me a boost, specially in content creation in photography. Instagram is so pleasing to the eye specially that it allows you to see and share photos while building a connection to different creative like minded people around the world.

If you have been following me on Instagram, (@luckilylenny) you have probably seen that I edit every photos on my feed that includes adjustment to brightness, saturation, cropping, cloning and etc. I don’t have much time spending an hour or so on my laptop that is why 99.9% of my Instagram photos were edited in FREE APPS. In fact, I use four editing free apps to edit them.

Of course, the first thing that you should consider is that you wanna start with a nice and with a quality photo. I am not a photographer so to speak, so I am leaving the task for you to learn and practice shooting photos every chances you can get. Remember that no amount of editing will fix a photo that wasn’t good in the first place.

Free apps that I use are both available in Android and IOS. Now here are the logos of them and download it now if you haven’t. APPS I USE IN EDITING

The first thing I do is to select the photo that I wanted to share on my feed. For minimal adjustment, I use Snapseed then Lightroom CC. Mostly, I use Lightroom because I can manipulate the colors that I wanted to diffuse or restrict then add a little extra drama with other editing tool such as Lens Distortion and/or PicsArt.


Once I selected the photo, I will begin editing it by cropping it according to the size that I wanted. The choice is up to you weather it’s portrait or landscape. I’d like to keep my photos always on a portrait style because it gives a whole sense of drama to me. Once I cropped it out already, I will proceed on to straightening the photo. You know the basic of photography, such alignments, balance and etc.
Now proceed with the adjustment of light. Start with exposure, contrast, highlights and so forth. As you can see, most of my photos on mygrid are with high exposure and battling with contrast. So it’s up to you how will you play the light. Do not also forget the highlights because it gives extra boom* on your photo.
For the fun part, this is where I manipulate the colors. As you can see, I don’t really much like striking green on my Instagram grid so I lessen everything from Hue to Luminance the color green. You can choose which color you want to increase or decrease. These are all basically according to your preference and style.
So now, this is the finished product. Ooops! Not yet! The color green is already somehow a little bit muted, the lighting is already adjusted. For the final touch, we will use Lens Distortion!

For the extra drama that I am talking about, I used this Lens Distortion (LD) to give additional effect on the photo. You can choose which ever light hits you want just be sure that it must be close to reality. You wanted to place where the light usually will strike in the photo. So if the photo looks taken in the morning, place it on the upper part as if it is a sunlight hitting your face.

NOW THIS! Our final photo and ready to be uploaded on my Instagram!



Starting from the selection of photo and import it on Snapseed, begin with the tuning the image by brightness, contrast, and etc. The tuning of image always depends on the photo taken. Some photos that has bad lighting can be fix by brightness and contrast, and some are not. Remember to play with it and keep it natural. Then always keep in mind the cropping and straightening of your photo. Then SAVE IT.

For the FUN part (again), I am using PicsArt to add drama to the photo. This time, I downloaded a free sunset photo from google and save it on my phone. I imported these photos on PicsArt. Now, you can do so much things in PicsArt but I mainly use it to add extra photos such as birds or clouds on my boring photos. 

Once I put together the two photos, I will start aligning it depending on the space I want to cover. On this photo, the sky is very boring so I put up a sunset since this was taken during late afternoon. Adjust the opacity of the clouds (2nd photo) and start erasing excess cloud on the main subject of the photo. Like I always says, keep it natural.

So here’s the photo that I have already started erasing with excess clouds. Be careful with erasing, specially with edges. You can adjust the size of the brush then later on the opacity of the clouds to suit the photo.

NOW THIS! Another content is ready to be uploaded on my Instagram!

extra tips and other useful info

Instagram is a very powerful marketing tool in Social Media nowadays. Use it correctly and do not be blinded by the number of huge followers you wanted to attract someday. Always hit for the number of engagement and authenticity of your work, sooner or later we will attract new connections with real engagement. Remember that numbers do not define your work.

Since we are talking about photos, I do not highly recommend that you will automatically buy yourself a new (high-end) camera. Skills speaks more than the gear. So, a decent smart phone camera will do its job if you are really in to taking photos. Always shoot and practice, it’s a progressive skill and be creative.

And lastly, Instagram is our way of showing our creativity. Most of the time we see inspiration from it. Quality content is the key to Instagram. We may not have million of followers for now, but atleast we are creative!

***Catch up on my Instagram photos and see which photos I edited with Snapseed, Lightroom, Lens Distortion and PicsArt! —— my Instargam profile is @luckilylenny

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Instagram Account: @luckilylenny
Facebook Page: Luckilylenny Random Thoughts




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