For all we know, trying to get pregnant is a journey that requires with a fully equip emotionally stable capacity and a lots of pregnancy tests. It has been discussed all over the web about the things to know to get pregnant by all means through science and some healing processes, I have a fair share of my experience as I battled silently with PCOS while trying to get pregnant.

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If my memory serves me right, I have been diagnosed with PCOS since I was in my early 20s. I could still remember the confusion why I was not having my menstruation for more than five months and not being aware what is happening in my body. I suffered as well in acne and fast forward, having a hard time conceiving.

I gathered today a simple information based on the past researches I’ve done. 


Struggling with PCOS while striving to get pregnant is indeed a crazy ride. Most of the times, I break down to silence and cry at night thinking of all the reasons why of all women; I am the one who is having a hard time conceiving a child. I was so distant to discuss this matter to my family because it makes me even more emotional and worried. Somehow, it feels so comfortable to discuss it with my partner and to all ladies who fight the same battle with me.

For the record, four awesome years of marriage is an absolutely adventurous happy ride. But it always feels that the ride wouldn’t complete without the arrival of our little one. We occupied ourselves with different things for us to get busy but still, the thought of having a cute little kid cuddling around us would be as always a perfect scene for a family.

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There’s a light at the end of the tunnel! With a very optimistic attitude, never in my occurrences did I end up giving up. Although with a lot of pressure happening in and out of the circles,  (you know, those insensitive people asking about what happened in your four years of marriage not having a child) I remained faithful to God and worked my way to get pregnant.

And it did! I got pregnant!

The good news in PCOS is that there are a lot of women still got pregnant despite the fact of inability to ovulate or release a healthy egg cell. I am one clear evidence that there is HOPE in PCOS.


What did I do to get me pregnant and fight PCOS?

Having a baby after one year of marriage was our solid plan but with different arising circumstances it led me to the year 2017 when I was so eager and enthusiastic to conceive. It made me so faithful and loyal to the ObGyne I have consulted and trust her ways of medication and instructions. With the help of active lifestyle and refrained myself to all sugary and fatty foods, I ended up getting pregnant in a span of 7 months!

In fact, what ever ways or methods we resort to, the good thing is it is possible for us women, with PCOS to have kids. The experiences and all hopes I had during the days when I couldn’t get a two lines in every pregnancy kit I had, made me appreciate my pregnancy and being a mother even more.

The fact that you are here, reading this post; I know in your heart that you truly desire to be a mother and to grow your family.

Trust me when I say, it will be given to you.




”Do not be anxious about anything,
but in everything by prayer and supplication
with thanksgiving
let your requests
be made known
to God.”
– Philippians 4:6

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