So I am here today and another year of learning.

It’s been 2 years since I launched and it feels so good to be writing on my year 2 anniversary post!

Life lately has been a series of surprise and changes. From being a full-time working in HR to now being a full-time housewife and a mum to be. Things may have changed a bit, but surely we are still keeping on the right track as we move forward to our goals.

Looking back during the past blogging year of 2017, In all honesty, I slowed down a lot because I felt that I am losing the sole purpose of the blog. I cautiously turned down invitations for social media events, I suddenly made certain excuses about not writing, and lose my connection and interest in creating contents for Instagram and such.

To recap, there is something about 2017 that makes it extra special. Highlighting the few points are the following:

  • L Projects was launched. A creative videography solution that helped few brands in Qatar to produce a quality multimedia for their clients.
  • Exclusive invitations for certain brands
  • Collaborations and getting paid for projects
  • Travels
  • and a lot of learning

I finally figured out that there will be a few people who will really appreciates your craft regardless of anything that revolves around the requirement to be a so-called “blogger“. I slowed down not because I am almost giving up but I am regaining my creativity and reflecting if I am really giving the right message for my readers.

I did encountered a few messages asking when I am going to publish another blog post again, it feels flattering though to know that someone is waiting for your work to be read and inspired. Alas, I am getting my purpose of this blog once again! ¬ to inspire at least one person.


I will stop from here. Not about my blogging journey…

But let us welcome another year for with a new chapter…

redefining luckilylennt

I was often asked by many people why have I named my blog as Luckily then my name. Aside that it sounds  “cool” I considered myself lucky ever since I step my foot in Doha. Out of an empty pocket and a hand carry baggage we flew all the way from Manila to Doha with nothing but pure determination that we will get a job. The rest is history, and now we are here.

A lot of people considered themselves as well as lucky, or often blessed. I do understand that both words are in different content and meaning but I believe they served the same purpose on one’s person life.

For me, lucky is not just a point of your life where you wanted something and eventually it will be given to you. It’s more than just wishing you could have this. I think it’s quite the opposite.

Lucky is a kind of positive behavior or an attitude towards a certain thing that you want. It’s about putting an effort on it. You don’t just sit there and wanting to have a good job and magically you’ll have it. You work pretty hard for your goals. Slowly, surely and luckily.

I have to remind myself that everything that I wanted in this life takes a lot of determination and hard work. While I am top of enjoying the slow process, it means that in all this slow pacing we are still walking on the right track.

So determination and hard work attracts luck. The greater the chances of getting what you desire!

It makes a lot of sense to me right now. I hope you do, too!

i am here today

Two years had passed and once again shall I say, time flies really so fast?

I am here today with a new beginning and excited to share all about the experiences that I have surpassed particularly with the new chapter in my life. Pregnancy and (soon) Motherhood.

I had a lot of things to share about this and let me extract all those occurrences that will help some other women (somehow) in battling TTC. (Trying to get Pregnant)

I am here today because I had been silently fighting this thing called PCOS and successfully got pregnant. I put a lot of determination in all sorts of ways to get pregnant and finally I am here today for all women who just like me, wanting to have a baby of her own.

I am here today because just like any other soon to be mum, I am very much excited on the following days ahead with my little sweet peach arriving very soon. I will definitely compiled this blog with a lot about her milestones and a fair share of development on her. I will be definitely reaching out to all mums as well, to seek help and raise questions on this new lovely journey.

A new purpose has been placed on and I wish all of us can learn a thing or two with this new chapter and a new gift of LIFE.

Happy Anniversary to us all Lucky!



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