Hello! I know it’s been a while since the last blog post update and I am taking advantage of the current life situation I am right now. Well, I am pregnant! And if you happened following my Instagram, I guess you already knew about that and how big my tummy is right now.

Sure it is, everything happens fast. The moment I knew I was pregnant, weeks later I received the memo from my manager about my last working day at work. I thought of it as a good timing considering that I have waited long enough for us to get pregnant and finally I could give myself and my baby pampering days ahead.


So bottom line, I stay at home. Ended my service at work by 3 months pregnant and every day I got to embrace this beautiful pregnancy journey.

That said, the reality is I indulge myself to all certain TV series all day to get me occupied, stay in the bed until 10AM, wear my pajamas 24/7, chat my families and friends, do some house chores and what else? Ohh, by weekends we take long walks at the mall.
Just keeping it real guys!

Thought it would be easy!

Well, I consider myself the lucky one. I think of it that I am ace-ing this pregnancy as I do not experience severe sensitivity as what others underwent during theirs. I had my adjustment period during my first trimester but that wasn’t much hard for me. I guess my body has waited long enough for this and it’s so ready for being pregnant!

Everything now feels normal except that I have a growing tummy and a little one that kicks from time to time!

Now that I feel normal and do not experience some issues in pregnancy (Thank God!) I feel that I am getting bored at home and getting un-entertained by all these things that I do. My body and my brain are looking for something that I used to do before. Like working (under pressure – I love that!), getting dress up every day and putting on make-up, and to say the least, blogging.

Don’t get me wrong!

I am enjoying and loving this pregnancy more than you could imagine. I prayed and waited for this and I am eternally thanking God for giving this to me.


Things were just different. I hope if anyone reading this can actually understand what I am trying to say…

Your life changes the moment you become a MOTHER.

Everything in my perspective is about the baby and the family we are building. The parenting styles we wish to have, the kind of job I’d like to have in the future, the fears; and everything turned on a different angle when this great bundle of joy arrives.

It feels like everything falls into the right moment.

During this kind of moment, when I looked back the way my life before I thought of it as a preparation for this thing happening to me…

A soon to be MOMMY.

T R O P I C A N A (9)

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  1. Oh wow! Is that why you have kept such a low profile Lenny?? Congratulations, and you look fab!
    I know what you mean, inactivity (or lack of activity under pressure) can sometimes feel exceedingly frustrating. But hang in there, I’m sure you will enjoy your time being a super mum! 😊💕🌸


    1. Yes, I did wanted to write during the announcement of my pregnancy on my 3months. But I can’t find the words to express how excited I am! Haha But thank you Jolene, nice to be seeing you again around WP!

      Liked by 1 person

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