There’s a lot of successful bloggers out there. Not to mention world-class bloggers who have successfully reached millions and thousands of followers and engagements. These bloggers are earning huge money and having the benefits of being a blogger more than you possibly ever imagine. And yes, I am not one of them.


If you came across my blog, just by today, Hi! I am Lenny! You can know me more about here. My blog has just started by the year 2016 and only cool kids know about this existence. Aside from my family and friends!

I gathered a few tips today about blogging in case you have been yearning one of your own. 

I am not an expert on this, and I admit that I still have a long-long way to run for me to get there (where ever it is). But for the past blogging experiences I had, I have a fair share of knowledge and tips for everyone.


So let’s begin. One by one.

If you want to start a blog, DO IT NOW.

You have to do the first step and that is to START. Over the years, when there is something that I needed to do. I carefully plan it on my head and start writing notes about it. When you wanted to start a blog, it doesn’t mean for you to have extravagant web designs and be immediately top of the notch blogger. I started by researching about the platforms that I can used in blogging, that’s where I found out about WordPress. From there, I watched YouTube videos regarding technicalities of WordPress and such then explore more about it. I religiously watched and read every guide on how to’s and that it led me to realize, “I think I can do it now…” So, from there on a snap of a finger, while I was lying on my bed. I have a strong feeling of needing to WRITE, that’s when I opened my WordPress and bleed out the words I needed to.

You see, a famous idiomatic expression says… “Strike while the iron is hot”. Make use of that burning desire and everything will follow on its own.


Whatever your reason why you wanted to start a blog, that is all up to you. If your reason is to keep an online diary for yourself, then that is fine. If your reason is to help people with the travel information, then be it. Whatever as you like.

You will always keep coming back for these reasons if ever you feel like demotivated in blogging.  That is why you need to have a solid foundation. Something that you can realize at the end of the day that… “I will continue blogging, because of  ________.”

JUST WRITE, and WRITE – All from your heart.

It’s so easy to write when you are writing based on your experience. In my case, travel blogs are the easiest article for me because it made me reminisce all the adventure and memories I had while on my vacation. Write what makes you satisfied. If you are good at poems and short stories, then go for it.

Don’t let hold you back the thoughts of negative what if’s. I know you have listed quite a lot if it.  

“What if I have wrong grammar? What if I convey the wrong message? What if my opinion does not please the majority?” We all have thoughts on it. Trust me, I am still into it but I have mastered setting it aside and focus on improving my writing skill.

I feed my brain by means of reading from other bloggers and news then shift to listening to a podcast. TED offers a lot of ideas and widens my communication skills even more, so I suggest for you to find a way that will make you improve writing.

What about your grammar? Install apps that will assist you in case you lose your track with all the subject-verb agreement and the usage of punctuations to spelling down to the present-past particle tenses! Whew! I installed Grammarly then every time I needed to publish one article, I read it out loud or sometimes let Mr. Lucky proofread it first before publishing.

Remember, writing is a progressive skill. Your latest work will always be the best. Keep writing and writing!

That’s all I’ve got for now.

I hope there’s something right now ignited in you. Everything will follow right to its own places when you do the first move. And you know what is it already!

Please, if ever you have more questions. Something more of the blogging scenes, leave your comment down below and let’s widen our learnings and motivate one another.

And in case you needed to add something MORE, below space is free for you. Write.

And before I end this blog post, speaking of igniting. Remeber what Katy Perry sings?

“You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine
Just own the night like the 4th of July
‘Cause, baby, you’re a firework!”

T R O P I C A N A (9)

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Facebook Page: Luckilylenny Random Thoughts




  1. Perhaps many of us bloggers dream of having million of followers but I think it would be a miracle if I reach it for the pace I am doing haha! Anyway… yes there is a purpose of me blogging and it keeps me going when I feel lazy. Cheers!

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