Let’s be honest. A new environment brings new excitement.

Staycation is a whole new field of fun and exploration. Imagine yourself slouching all day round with a room service to keep you pampered without worrying about the house chores. And in case, it’s your first time to encounter the word staycation ~ it’s a break spent in one’s home country rather than traveling abroad. It is often spent on hotels within the area you are living by.

And while you are waiting for your next holiday to start and yet with no plans on traveling out of the country, here are five reasons why staycation should be on your next list:

*1. Reduce your travel time
Forget all the hassle in an airport, taxi, packing time, airfare fees, visas and spending hours on transit to reach your destination. Staycation is a stress-free leaving you with no choice but to relax and enjoy the time being. Arrived at your destination in less than an hour, check-in and get on that fluffy bathrobe. Tada! Vacation has finally begun! Bring it on!

*2. Much needed time for yourself and for your family
And because you are not entitled to do any house chores while you do all the lazy thing on earth, you got to spend much more quality time for yourself (if you are solo mode) or with your family and enjoy the amenities offered at the hotel. 

*3. Away from the crowds, Near to food
Travelling can be an episode of fun and misadventures. Make the most of your holiday on a staycation where you could just sit, unwind, and enjoy in-house restaurants of the hotel. Enjoy the benefit of room service and deliver the food right to your bed.


*4. It won’t hurt your bank account
It automatically lessens your expenses when you choose a staycation. You only got to pay for the hotel, food, and spa (as your choice). And in case you do not want to spend on extra charges, you can just enjoy all the free services and amenities. Chill out by the lounge area or have complimentary coffee. All day you want.

*5. No planning and itineraries required
No google maps to navigate, no distance to measure and no twist and turns of locations. Just stay at the hotel, and make the most of your vacation.

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I want you to experience staycation! So, I partnered with Golden Tulip Doha to give you an amazing 1 night stay for 2 at their beautiful hotel. All you need to do are the following:

  1. Follow  Instagram account respectively at @luckilylenny and @goldentulipdoha
  2. LIKE the contest photo
  3. COMMENT and TAG friends
  4. SHARE and hashtag with #goldentulipdoha #luckilylenny. Do not forget to tag me and Golden Tulip on your photo
  5. Winner will be announced on 31st of January. Only for Qatar residents. 

T R O P I C A N A (9)

Instagram Account: @luckilylenny
Facebook Page: Luckilylenny Random Thoughts


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