I opened my WordPress dashboard, check the statistics, and review longtime pended drafts and tried making it better if I can write my heart again.

Still, no signs of enthusiasm gliding on my keyboard.

Barely written a personal post for a couple of months back, and I don’t think I deserve a space for my opinion and thoughts. 

So I come up with an idea, what if I quit blogging?

Copy of holly feather (18)I will no longer give myself deadlines for publishing posts, no longer tap my head to create contents, no longer rushing to events after office hours, and alas no longer to pressure myself to keep my blog and social media accounts updated.

Just let it be, stay out of blogging.

There are some determinants why this thought smashes me all of a sudden and made me think to end this over, and the main culprit was when I can no longer live the days seeing “bloggers” giving a wrong definition to “blogging”.

We all know for a fact that life doesn’t usually turn out the way it should be. I know, and I have perfectly mastered it already (I supposed). Although to be honest, it has always been frustrating but somehow, I still managed myself to stand for what I wanted to.

Lately, I am not feeling OK. You’ve seen me publishing blogs over the past few months about food, hotel, and places I’ve been to but there are no pieces of evidence of my personal right-at-this-moment feeling that I needed to cry out. I even stopped writing Open Letters for a while.

But don’t get me wrong. I am not suffering from any mental health disorder (I think) but I just don’t feel OK lately.

It seems that there is a wall blocking my face. I can not breathe, and for me to be able to breathe again, I have to shout it all.

I decided to feel not OK when I’ve seen so many social accounts with fake followers owning the word “blogger” and being recognized (by themselves) as a “social influencers“. Hitting with more or less than tens of thousands of followers but with no creative content made me think how the hell they managed to collect all these followers when in fact, I’ve been pulling out all juices on my brain just to create a superlative content for my beloved ~ One Thousand followers on my Instagram.

I just don’t feel OK when everybody is exerting effort and others are faking it.

They made me (us) feel tiny in some ways.

One of these is that they think that they were above as they were the ones to get an opportunities to work with brands. What hurts me most about is that they are giving a wrong impression to the majority of PRs especially in the framework of “food blogging” industry. 

Let’s just say that I feel extremely sorry not only for myself but also for other legit bloggers in town who deserves more than what they have now.

This thought is unnecessary to think, and when I usually express this to others, I mostly got a response of “Just let it be, and do your own thing”.

No, it shouldn’t be like that.

Seeing them everywhere takes away my momentum and excitement to write and to create contents. It’s not that I feel insecure. No, please don’t get me wrong with what I am trying to say.

I feel that I am about to quit because I am losing enough confidence in myself. This has been a well-kept secret I have been grasping for the previous months not only to my readers but also to myself.

Funny enough, Am I really about to quit blogging for the wrong reason?

As I looked at my favorite bloggers’ work in town, I started to feel alive (again) by reading their blogs and analyze their emotions the way they wrote it. I felt a sense of direction once again.

As days went on and made some rationalizations, I began to realize how shallowness my reasons are. I wish I have noble reasons for me to think to quit – like a new career or I am about to start a new business, or maybe more important things that I need to focus on.

The thing is, I asked myself why will I quit for the wrong reason when in fact, all through these years blogging has helped me in so many ways. Not just an outlet for my creativity and thoughts, but also it has been a means of extra income in little ways.

Quitting is a brave decision to make, only if you’re quitting for the right reasons. I don’t want to see myself one day regretting over this kind of decision – quitting for the wrong reason.

To quit blogging because I feel terribly sorry for myself and others were the lamest of all excuses. If I will quit because of this reason, then I would be unconsciously supporting these kinds of “bloggers” promulgating the wrong definition of “blogging”.  I have no power to stop them, I will let them to continue their thing and fake followers and even fake themselves.

What I am trying to say is,

I am going to keep trying and continue to establish the real sense of blogging.

I am going to continue what I have started.

And if ever I will come to a point that I need to quit blogging for good, I will make sure that it is for the right reasons.

T R O P I C A N A (9)

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  1. I actually been on and off for many months either because of lazyness, bad emptions or wifi connection depends on what Country I am in that time… never because of lacking of story. Someone liked my older post and so I get to checked you and others and yes it’s been awhile! Let’s continue blogging and support each other. Cheers!


  2. Lenny, unfortunately the world is fake. (There, I’ve said it, and I feel so good for finally saying it.) Social media is a figment of our imagination that has somehow ballooned and consumed our lives. It makes us lose sight of what is important: the relationships that matter, the friendships that last, and our sense of self-worth. Please do not quit blogging because of the mass produced, thoughtless content that is being pumped out by others. You are capable of so much more than that. Blogging is a passion, and a calling for some people to spread positivity and connect with others in more meaningful ways. I’ve gained so much insight into the lives of people I could never have met in real life and it is totally refreshing! We should never benchmark ourselves against people who are not genuine. So please stay positive, and Merry Christmas to you and family! 😊🎉🌲

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  3. I agree with you. I have always been interested to the local blogging scene, I follow many bloggers and influencers and then I see brands and PR agencies contacting “influencers” who gained thousands of followers overnight and it’s very depressing, especially when you see other bloggers with good content and they dedicate so much of their time to their blogs. It seems like even agencies can not distinguish between real or fake influencers so I ask myself if all this makes sense. It is also crucial from brands to be very careful when they choose their representatives because they Also risk to loose credibility. If this trend continues, in a few years we will probably see the end of this kind of marketing

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    1. And that is why we have to continue what blogging truly means are. If we do not continue this passion, these “influencers” will continue to be walking on their way proud while wearing a mask. I can not blame brands for choosing “bloggers” who has thousands of followers (overnight) because to be honest, numbers are really striking when we talked about marketing. On the other hand, nothing beats a a content that is made of pure love and passion. Let’s continue what we started Sirena. 🙂 I am glad I met you here in my blog and I look forward to meet you in person! 🙂


  4. I nearly had a heart attack reading the opening of your post but now I am so glad you are not going to quit. Your are doing a fab job and we all love your content, don’t let those people put you down. ❤❤❤❤

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  5. I love that you’ve shared how you feel about this. Really well said! The fake follower thing is so frustrating and it is so annoying that people can’t see through it. I took a month off and it’s been so refreshing. Don’t quit just take a small break?

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    1. I am not quitting honey. Not for the wrong reason. We will stand amongst these “bloggers” and will continue to do so until we make our own ways to define (again) what truly blogging means. ❤
      Thank you for dropping by, Sally. I am your fan of your works! ❤ I hope to meet you one day. 🙂

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  6. Hey, I don’t know if my comment would help but I recently started following you and your content is great! So keep up the good work and honestly with the big account that are on Instagram/ in the blogging world, they aren’t as in touch with who they really are, if that makes sense. On the other hand we are more in touch with who we are, our followers and we account for events/ things in our life which, in my opinion, is what a true blogger should do.
    Looking forward for future content from you!

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    1. Hello there, Raneem! Of course, your comment plays a significant aspect in maintaining my blog updated. Without you, and the rest of the readers it will be unessential writeups. Thank you for being there. ❤ And yes, I do agree with you. We are more in touch with who we are to the readers, giving them a window so that they can see what we saw. Have a great day Raneem and stay awesome!


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  7. I can relate to every word in your article. It is like you put my thoughts down. It has come to a point that only the numbers on Instagram matters to brands and other followers. And not only the numbers, it is about luxury as well. The more luxury you can afford, the bigger he ‘Influencer’ you are. And don’t even get me started on the people who preach kindness to their thousands of followers. No they are not kind and yes everyone of them is FAKE in some way or the other. I stopped attending most events because I realized that I am talking to people wearing an invisible mask. It doesn’t matter if you have abilities to create amazing content/photographs. I could go on writing but rant over lolll. I am happy now that I don’t care about blogging and content anymore. It is not that I have quit, if a beautiful opportunity comes up I am ready to work for it. Until then I am going to enjoy this silent phase of my life.

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    1. I feel sorry for how you feel. You deserve more than any of it, Sahar. I wish you could regain the strength and get back to blogging. If ever you come to that point, remember why you started in the first place. I do believe in your abilities, your creations and reviews are always honest and serves with authenticity. More power to you my dear Sahar. Enjoy the silent phase and I am waiting for you to welcome you with warm hugs as we embrace together the world of blogging in the real sense.


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      1. I still love my blog and how much I have come along, just that I am not in a hurry to show exaggerated numbers lol. More power to you as well and I love all the pieces you have written and let me assure you that your videos are certainly the best in Qatar!


  8. Judging from what I saw earlier, you were blogging to spread positivity. Nothing’s ever wrong with that ading. Looking forward to more notifications of your posts in my email. Regards.

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