Friday scenes and we are off again for another food adventure in town. A minimal change of routine to what we usually do during Friday day-offs. Cold season has finally arrived in the sandpit and although it’s a bed-weather-kind-of-day, who are we to miss this kind of a short-span-cold season climate, especially in the Middle East? So we prepared ourselves for another brunch date.


Last Friday, we had the privilege of trying out the Seafood Feast at Symphony Restaurant located at Golden Tulip Hotel Doha. The seafood buffet which is available every Fridays offers fresh and fine choices of seafood that is immediately prepared to cook according to your liking. Brunch scenes around town where seafood buffets are becoming a love affair to most people are simply irresistible to indulge oneself to the gift of the sea –  fresh and luscious seafood.

img_2466When I saw the sushi rolls, I knew it already that I have to start here. The varieties are a bit limited but it appealed to me in a very good condition and taste. The buffet begins with a selection of cold seafood (salmon, prawn, and mussels), salads and some Arabic appetizers.

img_2469img_2468Coming in for the second time in this restaurant, I have already managed to save a picture of the location of each piece in my memory. Successfully stored in my brain, the main table which is in the center is usually the highlight of every scene here, and without a doubt; the freshest and delectable arrays of seafood is perfectly presented here. Raw fishes in different sort of kinds; oyster, giant prawns, and crabs are thoroughly spread out for you to have your own choice and the chef will cook it for you according to your request.

img_2416img_2470img_2471Hot items are displayed next to the main table with a lineup of tasty and savory main dishes with, of course, seafood as the main ingredient. That being said, If you like to take a break from seafood (which you should not), there’s also baked potatoes to provide your palate with that contrast it needs.

img_2472img_2413img_2412img_2411img_2408And before I forgot, there’s also a selection of food for kids (fried chicken, fillets and soup) who doesn’t eat seafood or for an easy way for them to eat.

img_2473While you’re at it, always save space for your desserts. I mean, there’s always space for dessert! The spread on the dessert station features different cakes available in different colors.



What I specifically loved about the Seafood Feast is that the food presented was curated in a manner of the best picks. I’ve been to countless times of brunches in Doha and this one is the most relaxed scenes I’ve ever attended to. Although the spread and quantity are not as much abundant as with the other hotel’s brunch, the choices of food were all practically lineup in each of stations. I mean, when you are in a buffet chances are you are too confused which one to get and end up with too many foods that were forgotten to take because of your confusion. But I’ve experienced a total peace at Symphony Restaurant in taking which food should I get first and so on, and so on.

img_2444With the choice of food we had together with Mr. Lucky, much enjoyed, of course, the delicious and tasty freshly cooked choice of our seafood. We have grilled giant prawns, baked oysters, deeply fried hamour and baked lobster in our plates — pretty sums up how we much love and devoured ourselves into the freshest seafood.

img_2477img_2476img_2478Not to forget to mention that their seafood lasagna, extra creamy that melts to your tongue is super rich in flavor. Well, if you love pasta do not miss this one! And topping over-all with their vanilla milkshake, to which I am very pleased to have it as our drinks.



Located on the 1st floor of Golden Tulip Hotel Doha, Symphony Restaurant offers Seafood Feast every Fridays of the week and enjoy 15% discount when you are in a group of four. Seafood Feast costs 185 QAR per person.

Tel No.: +974 4419 8888
Fax: +974 4490 6190


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