For everybody, finding a new job is never an easy task. Whether you are a newbie on the ground or a previous employee whose seeking another path of career, it’s terribly stressful and ambiguously nerve-racking.

And to be honest, it’s one of the tasks in our lives we always strive the very hardest.Back in 2014, I took a leap of faith and find my way here in the sandpit, my dearest Qatar. It was one of the bravest things I did on earth and yes, it has led me to something fruitful and valuable. I had barely nothing as a newcomer, and high hopes and positivity were only my greatest weapon to achieve what I truly desire.

Came here with a tourist visa, and with dedication and extreme perseverance, I found my job on the fifth day! Thankfully to God! Oh my goodness! Back in the day when I was applying, I would require myself to submit not less than 100 emails every-single-day containing my CV and application letters to different companies here and there. I would spend my entire day and night surfing the web to see all possible opportunities for myself. I didn’t stop until I didn’t get what I wanted.

Fast forward today, I have gathered all my experiences through Human Resources and self-experiences to come up with this blog post. Probably you’re reading this because you are on the look for a new job or might be a newcomer here who is, of course, scouting for websites to visit and submit an application for your target job.

Best way to start finding your job in no other time but NOW. In Qatar, the majority of the companies facilitates their recruitment process through online job posting and as well with the newspaper advertisement in Classifieds. Typically, companies do not cater walk-in application on-the-spot unless they will post it on the job sites for their schedule walk-in applications. Use your internet for your job applications. Come on! We’re in the latest year of technology!

Now, if you’re CV is well polished then let’s get started!

Here are the websites for your job applications:

Linked In
Linked In
I never knew the power of Linked In until I established my own profile there. I was able to link with the companies that I am monitoring with their job vacancies and connect with the right people with the same industry as I am. Not just in Qatar, take note of that!) Just be careful to which company profiles you are connecting with, some are false accounts.

Qatar Living

It’s an online classified advertisement in Qatar. Majority of the expats and companies are visiting this website to gather and collect information about job vacancies and potential employees for their companies. I myself was a beneficiary of Qatar Living. I got my job through Qatar Living, my current company found my profile there. As a matter of fact, the majority of the expats knew that Qatar Living has a lot of job opportunities posted there. It is also a whole-round solution for all expat finders such as cars, home to rent, buy and sell of furniture and a lot more. (Just so you know!)

Gulf Talent
Gulf Talent.JPG

One of the online portal recruitment site in the Middle East and over thirty industries across the MENA region is listed and looking for potential employees on this website. From the search bar, you can choose which field of work you are targeting or specific country you’d like, and from there you can see which companies are open for vacancies.

Monster Gulf
Monster Gulf.JPG

Another useful online portal recruitment catering not only in the Middle East but as well as it’s neighboring countries. You can also search by job function, by location and your years of experiences as a worker. You can also make use of their free career advice and tips on their websites and improve your CV by highlighting the most relevant in accordance with your target job that you are applying for.


This website claims to have over millions of unique visitors every month from over 60 different countries. The site has categorized two information for a job seeker. (1) What – job title, company or a keyword and (2) your desired location.

Career Jet
Career Jet.JPG

Another job search engine that has a huge selection of job offerings available on the internet. This site encompasses over 90 countries including Qatar in 28 languages.
Bayt Com.JPG

Bayt offers an end to end career planning tools. They offer a great tool in making your CV extra appealing to the market. The site is well organized containing finding jobs by role, sector, location, and company.

Bonus Tips:

  1. Visit directly the company websites that you intend to get a job. Most of the Qatar-based companies posts their job vacancies on their website. You can search on their site as “Opportunities, Work with Us, Join Us, Job Vacancies, Be Part of Us” options like that are the ones you shouldn’t be missed!
  2. Use Newspaper’s Classified’s Ads in looking for your desired job. Other companies in Qatar posts recruitment vacancies in the newspaper.
  3. Visit Newspaper’s offices and pay for an advertisement of your profile. Most of the expats and even on my experience visits Gulf Times for a short – catchy profile advertisement. (Tip: make your statement crisp, honest and appealing)
  4. Connections could also be a great help in leading towards your job in Qatar. Build connections as much as you can and have a strong, professional and good relationship with the people around your circle.
  5. Keep your CV always true, short and updated.

There you have it all. With the political status of Qatar right now, economist claims that it has affected some companies in their recruitment and hiring processes. But remember, as much as there are companies running here and there, employment opportunities will never be out of sight. It will still flow and vacancies will have it’s door open for you.

Keep the faith!

And may the odds be ever in your favor!

T R O P I C A N A (9)

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  1. Thank you very much for these tips. I would just like to ask for some insight. I wish to work in Qatar in the next few months, and I’ve started sending out my CVs, and building a network through LinkedIn. My question is, do you think it’s wise for me to get a visa there and apply from the ground as they say? Being outside of Doha, do you think my chances are lower than those who are already there? For a little background, I’m presently working as an engineer working in the construction industry also in the GCC.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello there Cris!

      It has a lot of things to consider before I can put an answer to your question.

      The thing is, your potential employer could possibly assess first your qualifications (educations, experiences, salary expectation, etc) and some procedures according to their policy then considers your relocation status.

      For some company, they prefer hiring employees inside the country already for a fast and smooth process.

      I don’t think it makes a lower chance for you if you are confident with qualifications you have.



      1. Thank you for your reply. It’s very informative. I am both excited and apprehensive at the same time. I’m looking forward to taking the next step, but naturally also have worries about making the transition.

        Are there any specific months where hiring season is at its peak in Qatar? I’m thinking of dropping by for a short while next month just to scout and maybe schedule some interviews, if possible. Also if you don’t mind, do you have any idea if the demand for engineers, particularly quantity surveyors, is still strong there?


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