Wait a minute.

Arrived in Sri Lanka with prior research on which places to go and timings to consider, I have surely tap my back for a job well done on my research. Presumably, plans may take the other road the way it shouldn’t be but I have greatly prepared myself far more than that.

Alright, so here we go.

Started with a kick at around 5:30 in the morning. We hit the sunrise right on our doorsteps at Paradise Guest House (booked in It was our 2nd of our 6th leg of adventure with the gang and I was physically exhausted from our musings in Colombo plus the travel time roughly around 4 hours from Colombo to reach Dambulla, Central Province where Sigiriya is located.

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Nevertheless, we flew around with the drone and explore the Citadel of Sigiriya in the morning.

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I collected from my memory of all “this-is-the-best-thing-to-do” moments we had in Sigiriya. While exploring majestic ancient and cultural spot I have several things to consider that you shouldn’t miss!

Off we go!



Number 1: Consider the timings of the transportation you preferred.

You can either take a bus, train or plane but the easiest and hassle free would have to be renting your own private van/car. It could be quite expensive if you are traveling solo but there are support groups on Facebook that I found while researching.

Here’s one for you (you’re welcome!): Sri Lanka Taxi Driver Offers and Sri Lanka Car and Driver Hire

Number 2: Come early as 7AM.

You’ll able to see the incredible beauty of the place since there are no scattered tourists around the area. It’s a good timing to take good photos as you take advantage the early morning scenes. It’s also easier to walk and climb the stairs up to the Rock as the sunlight is not too hot (not just yet).

Number 3: Wear your most comfortable clothes.

Sarong and long skirts are not necessary upon visiting the Sigiriya Fortress. You can wear any clothes that you are most comfortable with. Remeber that this is pure walking and stair climbing up and above, best clothes you choose is up to your preference.

Number 4: Bring water and trail foods.

This is one of the worst decision I made. I did not bring water as I assume there will be lots of stalls selling drinks and foods in the area since I suppose that it is a tourist area. Only to find out that there were no vendors inside the area. So, you better packed water to keep you hydrated. Trust me, you need more of this. Anyhow, at the exit point there will be a bunch of vendors that will sell water and some snacks. Can you imagine how did I run to them?

Number 5: CLIMB! Regardless of your excuses. CLIMB!

The cost of entering this site damaged you for 30usd and you better make the most out of it! Seriously speaking, people of all ages go up and down the Sigiriya and wonder yourself if you can climb 1200 steps? YES, YOU CAN! Definitely, worth all the experiences and one that you shouldn’t miss when in Sri Lanka. If you have fear of heights, worry less because you’ll be distracted by the majestic views of the greeneries that surround the Sigiriya. 

Number 6: Get a Tourist Guide

I am not promoting though, but the best way to understand and learn more about the story of this Unesco Heritage is to hear them personally from the local tourist guides. I personally regret not having a tour guide because of the limited time we had. Hearing the stories about this Fortress makes you truly imagine what is like before. (I overheard from the other group’s local guide, lol!) It costs around 15usd to hire a local guide. Not bad, eh?

Number 7: Stay quiet, do not disturb the wasps.

I am not trying to scare you but sure you should fear these little creatures when they happen to wake. If you got bitten, officials will take care of you and you can no longer proceed to go to the top. Stay close to the ground as much as you can and cover your bodies if possible. Remember, wasps are attracted to moving objects.  The best possible not to wake them up is to stay quiet. Avoid throwing anything as well, you might hit one of their hives.

Number 8: Stay away from the monkeys, do not feed them.

As much as they are lovely and cute, try to stay casual with them. Do not try to feed them as they will surely follow you and may attack you if you can not provide any more food. Don’t try to go near them as they might feel unsafe and may cause them to get furious. You don’t want it to happen.

Number 9: Take a lot of pictures (endlessly) if you can

Do I need to say more of this? 

I hope this may serve you a little guide in visiting Citadel of Sigiriya, as they consider as the 8th Wonder of the World.

Ready to take on the chances?

Stay awesome!

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