With its rich historical monuments, colonial architecture, beaches, and restaurants, most of the travelers are considering Colombo as their first destination before heading to their target provinces. 

After our check-out to Suriya Luxury Resort, we headed out immediately to Colombo to meet the gang. Of course, with excitement and hunger of curiosity what to see in Colombo, we took some snaps along our way while riding our private car. It took us an hour to reach the City of Colombo from the hotel.

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We had to stop by at a fresh local fruit stall, we have passed by a lot in the area of Waikkal, and finally decided to stop around the main road of Negombo. My primary fruits to buy are Avocadoes, Mangoes, Papaya, and Pineapple for our snacks along to our road trip ahead. If ever you encounter fruit stall along the road, don’t miss it! The fruits are fresh and affordable. 

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The first leg of adventure with Jedianne Footprints and Keanne Collections began over a sumptuous meal of delicious and gigantic shrimps and crabs in the city of Colombo. 

Considering one of the Best Restaurant in Asia, and possibly the most expensive restaurant in Sri Lanka, Ministry of Crab was our ultimate goal to experience when in Colombo.

The varying sizes of crabs averaging to 600 grams to 1.4-kilogram made us so excited to try out their different sauces in each crab as they served. We ordered Garlic Chili Crab, Butter Crab, and Chilli Crab in OMG size and Kilo size. In addition, OMG prawns and Tiger prawns were served too along with white rice. (Filipino -style meal, always with rice!)

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Total cost for our orders was around 48,000 Sri Lankan Rupees (314 USD) for 7 persons.

Untitled designMENU and OTHER INFO


  • Location: No. 04, Old Dutch Hospital, Colombo 01
  • Contact Number: Tel: +94 11 234 CRAB (+94 11 234 2722)
  • Email address:
  • Seating times: (needs reservation ahead of time)
    • 11.30 am – 01.30 pm
    • 12.00 pm – 02.00 pm
    • 01.45 pm – 03.30 pm
    • 02.00 pm – 03.30 pm
    • 05.00 pm – 07.00 pm
    • 06.00 pm – 08.00 pm
    • 07.15 pm – 09.15 pm
    • 08.30 pm – 10.30 pm
    • 09.30 pm Onwards

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In the middle of a crowded and busy street of Pettah, we dived and immersed ourselves with locals to experience an hour or so in their market. With buzzing shoppers, merchants and tourists in its confined streets, I did somehow find it not pleasing to me as a woman.


Don’t get me wrong, it is not dangerous but warnings have been delivered by our local driver to be completely aware of our belongings. Majority of the crowd were all male and some were aggressive to tourist. We managed to stay secure because we were in a group but along so, what made us decide to enter this busy street is the famous Red Mosque.

FullSizeRender (116)FullSizeRender (115)

Located at the second cross street of Pettah, Jamie Ul-Alfar or Red Mosque as most people call is considered one of the oldest mosque in Colombo. Despite its busy streets and unwanted roaming individuals, tourists love to pay a visit and check what is all about this famous Red Mosque.

During the old days, sailors use this distinct red-and-white pattern design as their landmark when approaching Colombo. Undeniably, the architecture itself is a unique master of art and mesmerizing symphony if its patterns.

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  • Ensure that you are wearing a comfortable clothing. For female visitors, if you are wearing a skirt that is above your knee, make sure to bring an extra scarf to cover your knees.
  • This is a prayer area. Make sure to stay quiet and respect their religion.
  • Stay only at the viewing area. Tourists are allowed to take photos but only in designated areas.
  • Ask people if they want to be included in the photo if you are shooting for locals.
  • Keep your belongings attended as always.

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The city of Colombo is bustled with all commercial hubs and mixed with locals and tourists roaming the streets. The flow of vehicles and traffic in the area is a shocking experience to me. It’s a bit of scrambled when it comes to driving methods of their local drivers. I get so surprised each time I witness such scheme. Nevertheless, immersing to a genuine day life of your destination country is one of the things you have to do when traveling. I didn’t anyhow regret blending into the congested area, but more so I was able to get a glimpse of how locals live their day in their lives.

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