Amidst of the beautiful hotels in Negombo, I worked myself so hard to find a perfect hotel that will perfectly suit my taste as well as Mr. Lucky. I religiously checked every hotel’s website in Negombo to see what they can offer with regards to the amenities and food. Of course, should I say that it has to be with a private beach? Yes it is, and a huge pool.

holly feather (15)Considering that Negombo is already a hit to most foreigners, I assume that it will be a little crowded and the streets would be filed up with pubs and stores and I wasn’t wrong about it. It’s pretty nice actually, but I prefer a quiet and peaceful place where I could spend the whole staycation privately with Mr. Lucky.

And so I moved on to the upper part of the map of Sri Lanka to which I found Waikkala, a village located in Northern Province. There are plenty of hotels to choose from and I, to be honest, had difficulties in finalizing which hotel should I choose.

I finally decided to choose Suriya Luxury Resort and booked it through since it’s on low price and on promotion roughly around 300 QAR (81 USD).


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A quiet and far from the commercial setting of Negombo, Suriya Resort is nestled in the golden shore beaches of Waikkal with a distance of 12 kilometers away from the airport. It holds 56 guest rooms consisting of 14 suites and 42 deluxe rooms with private balconies that showcase the beauty of the peaceful sound of the hotel.

There are also 6 water villas that sit over the lake and mix with nature for the type of travelers who would love to spend time privately and alone with nature. I would prefer having this accommodation, but it was already fully booked when I asked for an upgrade. Nevertheless, our room is a heavenly piece of relaxation already.


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Designed with a classic wooden piece of furniture, our spacious room is ultimately what I visualized in my mind while heading to this trip. A simple yet classy and spacious with a beautiful view of the sea and the huge pool. What could be more perfect to it on an early morning view?

Fresh linens are topped with complimentary toiletries, originally designed by the hotel for its guests. The bathroom is composed of your basics such as the rain shower, the toilet bowl, a huge mirror on the basin counter and a hairdryer.

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An array of wide pleasing Sri Lankan and International delights are presented in the main restaurant of the hotel. Upon arrival, we immediately hop onto the dining area for our first lunch meal at Sri Lanka. Supposedly we are about to take the a la carte menu, but the presentation of the whole buffet is just so tempting.

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As an expat of the Middle East and someone who craves for a fresh pork meat, we (I) immediately indulged myself over the pork chop barbeque being grilled on the station. I opted for a white rice and pork meat and also tried a little of some delectable of Sri Lankan cuisines such as their curry and spicy as hell, deviled fish.

Although I normally eat fruits after enjoying a heavy meal. It took me by surprised to taste the homegrown Sri Lankan fruits! They were all palatable, rich in colors and in taste. My best pick is their papaya!


Majority of our time was spent eating and swimming. If not by the pool, then we are probably sitting on the golden seashores or at their dining area (eating again). 

Their massive swimming pool with jacuzzi beds absolutely pleased me as I swam to it and enjoy it with Mr. Lucky while doing all my photo snaps for my Instagram.

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Spent the sunset on the seashore and unfortunately, the waves are too strong and I couldn’t get myself to swim in the sea. Better be safe than be sorry, eh? The orange color of the sand gives a dramatic touch of the beauty of this paradise and I was able to get my satisfaction to my beach cravings.

IMG_0388FullSizeRender (2)IMG_0421.PNG


Aside from their In-house restaurant which serves as their main dining area, they have also a main bar and pool bar which serves alcohol and non-alcohol beverages. In addition to this, the studio for their fitness gym is located before the alley of water villas in case you need to pump up your muscles. And for relaxation, they offer extensive choices of techniques of massage at their spa room.



It was the right decision I made. Without being too pricey for a hotel stay before hitting a 5-day course of terrestrial activities, I made it to a point that we should have a balanced body and mind for us to conquer the next activities. 

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For most people, they would recommend spending a day in Negombo after a tiring travel around Sri Lanka, for me; we went out on a first and last day on the beach of our trip on my personal preference.

There are no other beach activities neither you can’t swim in it. But that’s okay with me or so. The whole time spent in this hotel was nothing but a pure relaxation. A laid-back staycation for what I may call it.

The hotel staffs are also friendly and accommodating, they even give us free of charge for our lunch which I got surprised upon checking-out. That was a generous deed from the hotel, I also read some reviews on about their helpful staff.


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