Warning: Contains Sarcasm

Early morning in the office scene a couple of weeks ago, while doing some paper-works in the HR battlefield, a friend popped out in a Facebook group messenger saying, “Guys, let’s go to Sri Lanka! We have tickets already, book yours now!”

I tried to calm myself.

It’s a last-minute plan. More so, unplanned trip. But hell yeah, we booked a ticket and joined the gang without prior research on what to expect in Sri Lanka.

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Landed in Sri Lanka, a sunny hot day, surrounded by coconut trees and strangers; I guess there’s nothing special about this place that will make me go back or recommend to anybody else.

Aside from the hot weather and boring days, here’s your guide why you should never visit Sri Lanka.

To start with, the scenery is nothing but greens

All and nothing but greeneries. All the way and everywhere you go there’s a plantation of never-ending Camelia Sinensis, a tea-plant that scattered everywhere in Sri Lanka. If you are in Ella, specifically in Nuwara Eliya; your eyes will be stranded with tea-plants and pine trees ~ nothing but greens, only greens. Mountains are covered too with greens!


It’s way up too high to climb the Sigiriya Lion Rock

What’s else to see aside from the frescoes in the wall while climbing the Lion Rock? It’s a World Heritage Site so expect that it will be looking antique. The Gardens along the vicinity is massive and has occupied the whole space so you’ll end up seeing the three Gardens (Water Garden, Boulder Garden, and Terraced Garden), while on top of the mountain. Not to mention the visible existence of different species of birds flying around while the wind blows beneath. So, what’s the point of climbing a Unesco Heritage Site eh?DSCF2851FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Nothing cool about seeing gigantic Elephants

What’s cool with seeing Elephants bathing and playing just in front of your eyes? I mean, they are in their habitat and they roam around the area. What’s good with interacting with them and chances you can have is to feed them also with fresh fruits. 

FullSizeRender (15)

The beaches have weird sand color

I love beaches, but to see an orange sand is weird. I was so alone at the beach with it’s smashing waves that create a white illusion of the water. Literally crystal as white!


There’s no place to spend serenity

Everywhere you see is a combination of different species of plants and animals. Monkeys are owning the roads and even Elephants! The view would be, all the same, all greens and greens. Waterfalls in Ella is everywhere, left and right, even when crossing the road ~ you will see water streams.

FullSizeRender (14)

Nothing special witnessing a train passing in Nine Arches Bridge

It’s just a bridge, Come on! This 99.6 feet high bridge has no steels on the inside. It’s just pure solid rocks, bricks, and cement. Anyway, travel video with this drone shot will be coming up very soon for you to see.


Sri Lanka is not a place for you, just stay at home dude

What’s the fuss of all of these? It’s nothing special eh? Just a bliss nature scenery.


But wait a minute, I hear your heart pumping! Your heart is saying otherwise, is it? 

If you are clear with it, you can now dive to the next flight to beautiful Sri Lanka.

Now, go!



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  1. Creatively-done. Lovely post!
    I was actually thinking otherwise than what you’re suggesting upon seeing the photos as I read thru. I was (sort of) anticipative that there will be a twist at the end of this post. And I was right. There really is! Haha.
    Love your photos of the place 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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