I am back!

After a month of a blogging break, I am finally back on my track. Feeling refreshed and excited to come along the contents I have put to mind during my break.

A month ago, I publicly announced on my social media that I will be having a break for a month. Few of my readers, friends, and family members are quite curious about the reason for it. I intentionally took a break and I just feel that I needed to have it.

To be completely honest, before hitting my blog anniversary last July I was really not in the good configuration of blogging. You may have felt it on the previous blog posts from May-July. There were minor setbacks to which I didn’t see it was coming. So I gather all my strengths and crawled to finish my year anniversary, and it was a mission accomplished!

Fast forward today, blogging break didn’t fail me on my expectations. It was a good decision I made and I am sharing it to you why you have to consider it too.

holly feather (2).jpg


Breathe as much air as you needed. Enjoy the time being doing nothing. Trust me, it’s one of the most luxurious moment you could give to yourself. It’s very rare that you treat yourself to which something that is not attainable by money or any material thing. Indeed, I enjoyed this a lot! I must confess, that during my break I did watched 3 Kdramas without feeling guilty of not having a time for my blog. I had a wonderful time not writing and not worrying about writing. Although there were days, that I feel like missing it, yet I manage to indulge myself to relax and just breathe.


It’s a chance to miss your blog and the way you are together. Your blog is like a friend or a lover to you that listens to all your life sentiments. Established new excitements in the form of creating new ideas to your blog. This is the time also to rethink of new strategies and techniques in order to grow more of your fondness to your blog and readers which I exactly did during my break.

It is also the moment where I able to rethink the purpose why I started blogging in the first place. The more I think about how will I reunite to my blog with new ideas and contents the more I bring pleasure and excitement in doing it. 

If I didn’t take a break, I probably not miss blogging, Yes, I miss it so dearly! 


When you’re doing it on a regular basis, you actually need to take a pause for you not to get tired of it.

That’s why there’s a reason for every company in pushing their employees to take a vacation once or after completing a year. It’s a solution for a stressed out mind and even physical aspects. 

Blogging break is not actually bad if you’re worried about getting a low statistics during your break. It’s part of it and just be it. You just have to give a headsup to your readers about your plan on taking a break so you’ll not be the kind of a MIA blogger.

If you feel tired, don’t ever take the option of quitting. Learn the value of having a break.


If you feel of having the need to take a break, just do it. If you think that you might have less of your readers, be it. Definitely, you’ll have more of yourself.

Leave all your weary and enjoy the time being. You’ll definitely come back stronger than before.

So here we are!







18 thoughts on “BLOGGING BREAK, Do I Need it?

  1. Hello Lenny!! 🙂 I am happy to visit your blog again. Thank you for your encouraging words in my last post that you have commented. Relate ko yung post mo dito. I know you’re doing great na in this journey and keep doing it. Let’s inspire each other too! It helps a lot. I am also planning to pause for a while over the next few months. Will have a new chapter in life and probably will pause blogging and be back after adjustments. Keep the faith :))

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  2. I think blogging was initially meant to provide stress relief, and it is when it stopped being such and started becoming a burden that we need to find ourselves again. Hope all is well with you?

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  3. I used to obsess on my blog before, getting stressed with my analytics, followers and content. The blog burnt me out at some point so I took a step back. It was the best decision I’ve made for this blog as I am now enjoying it again and kept my sanity. 🙂

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