“What if no one reads my blog?”

That was the most nerve-wracking question I had for myself the moment I published my first ever post. Although I had admitted a couple of million times that this blog is made up of my impulsivity, I am still haunted by horrific thoughts to get myself back down.

It was never easy, and who said it was? 

Exactly 1 year ago today, at this very moment when I felt something strange for myself. It sounds a bit weird, but it seems like the universe is compelling me to do something and that is to write.


Looking back, I had no complete idea on blogging. I didn’t even know the whole execution of WordPress. And to be completely honest, I did not do any research about on how to start a blog. I just did what I felt like what I have to do. I open it, scan through and learn it step by step. Write then publish.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The first months of blogging were the days that I got extremely self-conscious on every little thing that goes on my blog. What if I put the wrong punctuation? What if my grammar and spelling are wrong? What if someone has written the same thing? What if’s are endless and they are all running on my mind back and forth as if they are teasing me to stop the hell of a crazy I am doing.

The more I get teased, the more I am being challenged. And that gets me more fueled to keep me going. 

I stayed away with all the negative thoughts I had on my mind, I established positivity and only positivity will dance all through out my fingertips while I write. And that is what I exactly did.

I showed my self, my real thoughts, the randomness inside. I scratch off all my hesitance, and I never thought there will be people who will accept it. I am grateful, beyond grateful.

Never in my entire dream is to become a writer or never, of course, a journalist, I didn’t even know to myself that I can write what I can do now. I have really, really no idea that today I will be celebrating a year of learning of my blogging experience.

I can’t help but be emotional as I look back on the journey I had for the past 12 months. Every blog posts are still vivid to me on how I created them out of a single or if not by two cups of coffee while I balance my time from home to work and on and on. I couldn’t simply forget how I used to run to Mr. Lucky to get a boost of confidence whenever I am lacking out of it. That’s why I dedicated one page entitled “He said (that I still read every time) because those were the words he said to me when times that I needed it the most and from time to time, up to this point of time; he still pushes me up to my limit and motivates me more than ever.

The second half of my year was when I got introduced to media, PR, advertising agencies and all the likes. I admit it, I was overwhelmed to get invites by different PRs and brands. I had the point of my week when all my after work schedule is fully loaded with all events in town. Menu tasting, New restaurant launch, Hotel Anniversary, etc. etc. I was so entertained and got distracted to which what is the purpose of this blog. “Hey Lenny, what you are up to?” The universe whispered to me.

And so I figured out, not all invites are to be considered. I learned to value my blog and it’s objective to why it was created. I focused on creating the content I am uniquely fond of and that is creating the “Open Letters”. I value even more and more what my blog is capable of and doing remarkable and genuine content more than I thought I couldn’t give to this blog.


When I started to learn how to value the power of the content I am making on the web, that is the starting point when few brands and companies gave me their trust. A petite blog as I am as Luckilylenny is proud and humble with honor that I got the chance to collaborate and work with them. Real thing is that when you value yourself, people will take you as valuable. Same goes with blogging industry if I may say.

Thought that having a blog will help me express my thoughts and let it be apprehended by people who will able to read it, I am glad I am perfectly right. I expanded my writings to all sort of randomness promoting positivity, and it feels so damn good every time I published it. It’s like a feeling of wearing your favorite dress and you feel damn pretty on it. So you wear it every week and you look forward to it.

I didn’t even notice that this blog will reach to different parts of the world. This WordPress will give you a data every day to which country has its visit and every day I am in surprise to know that my thoughts are reaching even the countries I haven’t encountered on the map.

I am beyond grateful for this. Always.

I often say that this blog is to inspire at least one person, and I am happy that I am getting one by one results every now and then. I never knew I could have more than one, I am smiling right now and it is a bliss. This blog has given me more than to what I give to my readers. It made me know more about myself on the inside, what is really on the inside and the power of words by being true to it.

I am beyond grateful for this one year journey we have. And I mean it from the very bottom of my heart. I look forward for the many things to happen, I am excited but will surely take all things step by step, one at a time. I am ready so bring it on!

Happy Anniversary to us!







A special shout out to the first people who of course believed in me from the first day I started.  My mommy who showered me with her talent, I can still remember how she taught me to compose my essays back in my elementary days, to my in-laws who are very supportive in their own ways. Tito Benjie, Ninang Eve, Kuya Warren, you guys are the first reader who gave me a remarkable comment on my first published post and up to date, you are still giving me your constructive criticisms. Ate Keren for being with me with the first ever blog event I had before, you are solely a witness how shy I was as a first timer so called “blogger”. Ate Gg, you left me broken by your farewell goodbye and so I converted my emotions to writing, you gave me feelings that I should convey to the world. To my dear boss at work, who turns my emotions upside down ~ I used it all, those emotions in writing. You have no idea about it, but thank you. My Filipino bloggers, multi-cultural bloggers and the world of blogging here in Doha, you guys played a special part in my continuous journey in our desert land. My team superstoked, for their unending support and creativity – you guys will always be the best! And to Mr. Lucky, let’s cheers tonight!





















  1. A year…. ONLY? Seems like you have been writing for years, so much have changed. You’ve become bolder and more precise. Reading most of your articles feels like reading something that affects a person’s life so much, I can relate to it so easily (not necessarily because we are related as uncle and niece) but, your writings bring me back to past experiences and situations I’ve been through and I admire the way you handle things. CONGRATULATIONS! Keep up the good work and GOD BLESS! (Hey, how about “An Open Letter to Tito” maybe that will inspire me to, one way or another, follow your footsteps!)

    Liked by 1 person

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