You’d see me around in every cafe shops in my laptop and lazy day outfit sipping on my latte on a typical Saturday afternoon. Yes, that is how my life usually runs through every working day on my blog.  I have to literally drag myself out of the house if I need to do something, or else I’ll be stuck watching K-drama at home (not-bad eh?). Regardless if it is a working blog day or just to catch up with friends, I really rely on a good spot where comfort and basic needs are on point.


Talking about basic needs, I know there’s a lot of you out there who probably listed wifi and technology down below from food, clothing, and shelter. Don’t get me wrong about this, top on top will be those three but we can not deny the actuality that we live in a world where technology and connectivity are part of our daily lives. And so be it.


I came across L’evidence Cafe Doha while scrolling on my Facebook’s newsfeed and really got tempted on trying the place for two reasons. One is that it looks so Instagrammable! Perfect color palette for my feed (feed goals), and secondly is that the frappes are heavenly tempting!


I couldn’t deny it, I felt a personal connection the moment I entered the cafe. The simplicity of the ambiance, the white wall colors, the aroma of the environment (smells coffee all around), and all pieces of stuff around. It is a feeling-like-home to me. – or more so, I should say a perfect spot for a working gal just like me.

Here’s why…

The atmosphere itself is a homie-feeling. A personal touch of messages are imprinted on the walls and the right amount of shades of aqua blue made it so refreshing. What I most like about it that they are very generous with wifi connectivity and electric supply! Yes, you read it right. You can work with good wifi connection and charge your gadget with their free provided power banks or simply plug your device into the electric outlet.


There are few chairs and tables that occupy the space but I don’t mind it. For me, this means that it is more of a privacy because once it gets filled in then there’s no more room for the additional crowd. So why not bring the whole gang? Seriously speaking, the cafe runs a 24-hour service on weekends (Thursday-Saturday) and open up to 2 o’clock in the morning. So, there’s a lot of time to spend in.


And how could I ever forget to mention the reason why I went here in the first place? FOOD and  COFFEE. The varieties of food and drinks are in a sugar rush episodic of freshness. Their pastries are baked in their own kitchen and so I’ll be committing another shameless carbs intake because of its goodness.


You have observed that I did not take coffee in this blog post. Unfortunately, I have to ditch caffeine out of my body for some health issues so I opted for a fresh mint lemonade cool drink and it didn’t fail me.

On top of that, they are running a promotion on a monthly basis. Currently, this July is their newly launched L’evidence Lasagna that comes with a cold drink of your choice. It was supposed to be a taste test only for me since I just had my lunch that moment, yet I immediately devoured it. You know how much I love pasta! And this one is a bomb!

If I haven’t said that the prizes are affordable, then I will shout it with a BIG YES!


Location Details:

Rawdat Al Khail St, Al Muntaza

Contact Number: +974 44222128 and +974 33344981

L'Evidence Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

+++  GIVEAWAY! +++

Seven days from now, Luckilylenny will be celebrating its 1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Holy Crap! That was fasssst! And before everyone gets excited, I have partnered with L’evidence Cafe Doha and we will be giving away A COMPLIMENTARY MEAL for THREE PERSONS valid till July 31, 2017!


Here’s how to join: (CHECK MY INSTAGRAM POST)

  1. Follow @luckilylenny on INSTAGRAM and L’Evidence Cafe Doha on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK page respectively.
  2. Tell us your favorite coffee drink combination. (Example: Frappuccino and Croissants)
  3. Like and tag 2 or more friends in the comment section and use the hashtags #luckilylennyturns1 and #happylevidencecafeday

The winner will be announced on July 27, 2017 at 8 PM (Doha time), and only Qatar Residents will be eligible to participate. 

Good luck to all my amazing readers and followers, stay with me because you are all awesome!




      1. I feel like I am the same as you. Need to get out of the house in order to stay motivated in finishing blog posts / editing vlogs. Katamad kasi pag nasa bahay 😂😅

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