My Dear Friend,  allow me to address you the character closest to your personality on the most awaited and my favorite TV series, Game of Thrones.

(*insert GOT intro song*)  


Dearest Princess Lady of Winterfell, Little Dove, Sansa Stark,

Blessings of the Seven Gods to you, My Lady.

It is with great honor and pride to write you a letter, to see you grown up to be the woman today is much more of a pride to me.

I’ve seen you fallen seven hell of a times, but you keep rising over and over again. I have watched you being scolded of a superior in the middle of the war yet you still stood with great confidence and courage to face another battle. I’ve seen you cried and weeping with pain yet you still managed to put colors on your face.

You are strong, determined, tough, alive and powerful. Yet you fail to let it know by yourself.

You asked me about freedom and love, then I will definitely consume all my thoughts today because this is an endless matter to discuss. I have lots of things to say about love and freedom and I will try my very best to explicit what would be best for you. I have also a fair share of it and I am very pleased to contribute it too to your strategy.

If you would be asking my personal commitment to my King, it is beyond duties and obligations. It is to serve him with love and to let him grow as a person wholistically. I get an equal treatment as he also encourage me to widen my world and to discover it up to the end of the horizon. From that manner, we able to find more of ourselves and able to reciprocate it to one another.

Lady of Winterfell, Little Dove, Sansa Stark (2).jpg

My Lady,  years and decades love always win. Love is more than a feeling shared by two individuals, love is knowing yourself and it’s capabilities so you’ll better give love to other existence.

Love is where you know you are happy and contented, thrilled and ecstatic, confident and brave, and above all – free.

Love will never build wall as high as the The Wall to set you boundaries and limits. It shall not put you in constraints and coercion. Instead, it will build you more than the Seven Kingdoms. It will let you explore the Realms and learn all the way through it. Love is a guiding journey towards your exploration.   

Although freedom and love could be quite conflicting when attached together, an average amount of freedom won’t hurt if attached to love. Love comes with responsibilities and commitments and so do is freedom.

Freedom accompanied by love is where you able to commit mistakes and learn from it, without judgement and prejudice. We are all inclined in commiting failures but that is how life is supposed to be. It’s a trial and error. A gamble. A game. But you have to win it – for sure.

I have wrote a thousand times in my previous letters how I drastically changed because of the mistakes I did. Sometimes, I mean most of it are failures due to bad decisions. But look at life today, it’s clear and full of plans. 

If ever you see yourself guarded by a wall, I’ll tell you, escape and run. The world is full of colors to explore. You can go to High Gardens, Casterly Rock or to your home and seek your throne, Winterfell.

The more time you are guarded by wall is the amount of time you are wasting to allow yourself to grow. If there are things attached to you, learn to know if it will be worthy to join you on your escape, if not leave it all behind.

Leave it all behind if it will cause you burden and another set of restriction. It will not be easy and I didn’t claim it in the first place to be easy. It will be hard, painful and excruciating but it will be worthwhile in the end. Be brave, be strong, that’s who you are and you have to remind yourself of it. 

The things/ people who you will leave behind will never understand your escape strategy. They will be left with anger and despair, betrayal and doubts. And so you have to prepare yourself for this battle. A silent battle, a battle that you don’t need to present yourself with blades and iron. A silent battle and the worst I may say – to bid farewell.

And to remind you My Lady, farewell doesn’t mean an end. It is actually a start of a new beginning. A new life with new sets of aspirations and strategies for life to survive. There’s no secret passage for you, or to anyone. You have to be fully prepared, you’ll maybe come across with White Walkers, Dothrakis or even giant dragons. But I know you can make it.

Towards your journey, is a path of hard decisions to make and turn. You’ll get used to it just as you are. 

Remember the favorite line of our most hated person in reality? — “Life is tough!” but I’ll rephrase it for you, “Life is tough, and so are you!” 

You have avenge your life today Sansa, you are currently sited in Gold line and that is because you most deserve it than anyone else. Use it as your key in finding yourself back again and finding what truly will make you happy. Seek for the throne of love because that is yours to feel. Handle the Gold line with your utmost care and exert your truest effort for it. You’ll soon reap all the golds and dust and what ever solid you will find on it.

I look forward on seeing you triumphant in escaping The Wall.

From the edge of the horizon,







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