A lot of questions have been throwing up to me the moment I started Luckilylenny, I still get surprised when people ask me random questions even if I write about random things.  People used to think that blogging is a form of money making and so forth, but I’d like to say that it’s more of an expression of one’s thought. It’s more of a writing.

Today, I’ll share with you most of the frequently asked questions if not by my readers but to people who use to come across my blog’s name.

So here they are…

What makes you start blogging?

I won’t lie. I was bored on that particular day when I decided to install WordPress on my phone. It was with no careful plans and execution, I just did it. It was a moment of pure impulsiveness and brought me to a very positive way.

I was lying on my bed right after I get back from work. I remember I was staring at the ceiling and feeling got nothing to do and there’s an urge inside of me that I really wanted to write my thoughts. So I did! I just did!

Later did I know, blogging would mean so much to me. It has helped me voice out my thoughts on the inside and became an avenue for my creativity. I remember how happy I was when I first published my post, people around my circle have been greatly helpful in boosting my confidence in the first months of my blogging journey. Alas, I am still alive!


How would you describe your blogging style?

My blogging style is more of an expressive, communicative and opinionated one. I always try to present my thoughts in a first person point of view. I try to write as if I am specifically talking to my reader and that I am attached to them – to you. I strive to put only positive and uplifting blog posts because this is how I visualized my space. 

How would you like to improve yourself in blogging the following years to come?

My friends know how hungry my soul is in terms of new experiences and learnings. I get bored easily and tends to jump to another exciting and thrilling episodes in life. To be honest, I am really – really desperate (if that’s the correct word to describe my feeling) to shift from to WordPress. org! I would like to level up this blogging website and extend the features of it.

In terms of blog contents, I’d like to improve my photos the way I present my writings. I’d like to put more visually appealing contents in a way that it will give more justice to what I am referring to a post. I look forward to more travel posts and travel videos on it! 

Where would you like to see yourself in blogging five years from now?

I will be a hypocrite person if I am not saying that I’d like to see myself as a full-time blogger. Yes, I want to continue blogging in the next years of my life but to say with utmost honesty I’d like to handle it as a subordinate field next to my career. I’d like to stay working in the corporate region working on my career and fulfilling also duties for Luckilylenny. I’d like to hit two birds (if allowed by multiple birds, why not!) in one stone. 


I also would like to see myself collaborating someday with some hotels and travel companies. Aside from the fact that I would be benefitting a free travel expense, it would be a great tool to expand my network and to produce great content as well. Don’t get me wrong if I say that I am hoarding for a free leisure, it’s a collaboration work. And don’t pretend yourself, who does not want a free travel?

How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up and running?

There were really dark days of blogging, I already talked about that with my letter to Jeremiah. If I don’t feel like writing, I just don’t. I don’t force myself to write, I don’t force myself to blog. Golden rule: It must come out naturally.

Golden rule:  It must come out naturally.

To get me back on track, I spend some days doing extraordinary or beat myself to get exhausted, like exercising, or could also be doing some house chores. Whatever that would make myself occupied. Even visiting a coffee shop and meeting my friends is a helpful means of getting myself back to blogging.

A great motivation key is to seek a good communication. Listen and communicate to people helps me acquire another boost of motivation to keep my blog running. Anyway, it’s about life and therefore motivation must be life itself too!

How much time do you spend in blogging?

Blogging takes a lot of time. I’ll be honest with you. 

I don’t have a specific schedule when I write. If I feel like writing and inspired hence emotional, I write. I blog based on my feelings. I guess that’s the good benefit of having a personal blog. No pressures, take your time Lenny!

If you’ll be asking me what is my regular days of blogging, it would have to be Friday and Saturday. Why? Simply it’s my day-offs!

Friday mornings are usually how I worked with my photos, layouts, or any random things to sort up on my blog. Saturday afternoons is where I used to go to a cafe shop and write. It’s effective for me.


Where do you get inspirations?

I get inspirations based on my experiences. I also read books or listens to helpful podcasts.

I told you, I write based on my feelings. So I extract it out of my soul and put it on myspace and try to present it in a positive way as much as I can.


How is your blog different from other blogs in your community?

The community of bloggers in Qatar is very supportive to one and another. As a matter of fact, I have gained a lot of trusted friends and support group in this community. There are all creative and each of the blogs are uniquely different from each other.

Most of the bloggers would talk about expat life journeys here just like what I used to do. They would give insights, share tips, do reviews, travel posts, and so forth. I guess, what makes Luckilylenny differs to other bloggers is that I have this kind of open letters to which I send to random people. It gives me an avenue to showcase other topics that rarely out of the context most of the time. I really do enjoy writing this open letters. It is something that makes me proud of for Luckilylenny!

What camera do you use for blogging?

Mr. Lucky gave me a birthday present last 2016 a mirrorless camera. It’s Fujifilm xa2 and I really do not have plans on having a blog before. I love taking photos and keep them as my visual memories. I have no idea that this camera will be a great tool in my blogging activity! 

How do you present your video and photos? Do you seek any help from your circles?

Yes, I do ask help from Mr. Lucky especially when it’s a video montage. He’s my official videographer / photographer / copy reader / editor in this career. His ways of supporting me is beyond immeasurable, I always say to people that the credit is all due to Mr. Lucky when they give compliments on my visuals.


Does your husband gets annoyed taking your photos and videos for the blog or even on your Instagram?

He is quite moody but easy to manage. So basically he really gets annoyed from time to time! Lol. On a serious note, he fully supports whatever ideas I come up with. He even produces more appealing ideas rather than mine. So I always follow his instructions when it comes to videos and photos. He has a really good eye on my angles! I really like and prefer him to take my photos because he perfectly knows where will I look good and thin on photos! Lol

Did you get any professional help or did you created the blog by yourself?

NO. I did it on my own and  I am very proud of it. 

I am not a technical person, but I was able to manage and design my blog all by myself. Mr. Lucky would suggest here and there but I have the full hands on it. Once you able to install WordPress, steps are so easy and it is also user-friendly. You’ll learn every day, along the way. Baby steps!

How do you gain followers and readers?

I simply just do my thing. Produce good and genuine content. That’s it.

People in social media will come and go, and that’s one thing I hate about social media platforms but we have to deal with it. I don’t follow certain techniques like “follow for follow“. No, I don’t.

If people like my content then I am very honored and please to have them. But if people follow me just to get a reciprocate on following them too, then back off. I am not going to do that unless I like your content too!

I gain followers and readers just by being myself. I love to interact with my readers. I specifically love the feeling when a reader sent me an email telling how my article influenced and pushed her to her capabilities. I purely honor such compliments. It makes me keep going.



Is there money involved in blogging?

I would like to say YES (with no explanation). But not as HUGE as what you are thinking. 

What (else) do you get from blogging?

Sense of fulfillment.

I was a teacher in college institution back then before I have my HR profession right now. My daily job routine would have to be talking and talking and talking to my students. I teach morning to evening, I communicate to all levels of brain and by that, I was able to express all my opinions and thoughts to my environment. Right after I became an HR, I have this feeling of being constricted to specific laws that establish and guides the HR industry. From there, I have to find a way that I will able to extract my thought aside from sitting on my workstation being an HR. I have to do something, more and much better.

So I came up unexpectedly of blogging.

Blogging is a way of teaching for me. I get to express my thoughts, what if’s and what not’s about life. It’s an avenue, a bright new window where I can fully express my thoughts and share the positivity even for at least one person.

There’s a feeling of fulfillment each time I publish one post, a feeling of bliss happiness when you know you hit one person on one certain topic. A  feeling of relief when you able to transform your emotions to something that your reader will benefit from it or even myself as it is. It’s a power of metacognition. You able to touch people through forms of writing. 

What is your favorite blog post that you wrote?

This is such a difficult question! All of the blog posts I wrote are special to me and uniquely different. But if I have to pick only one, then that would be “How I Miss My World“. It’s a conveyance of emotions simply missing back life the way it was used to be. It has full of aspirations and emotions at the same time.


And that would be all.

Stay awesome!








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