I admit it.

I love taking selfies, with great and perfect lighting! I love to see my face exactly the way how I visualize it. I am not narcissistic, so that’s a disclaimer to begin with.

I have a very few but not limited products that I put on my big, fat – happy face. I can take as fast as 1 minute on a normal day for me to apply these few products. A normal day for me happens the majority of the year. Full makeup would have to be a life celebration, like attending a wedding, or an Award’s night, which the latter do not takes place. Ever.

People do not ask me what products I used on my face basically because they do not find anything special on it. But nevertheless, I will step forward on this blog post to share what I put on my face. Shameless.


So excuse me friends under the category of makeup and beauty v/blogging, I have no professional training neither a wide and extensive experience on this but allow me to take over the crown and let me do all the writing today. I am sure you will forgive me for this post.

First thing first, I clean my face.

Wash it all with water and mild face soap. Remove all dirt that has been piled on my pores.  Wash it all. Wash all the negatives, doubts, insecurities and major dramas that have been stock upon and replace it with a fresh and clean aura. That’s how you start!

A clean face is a secret to a long wearing and fresh make-up. A clean aura is a secret for a long last giddy good positive sunshine day.

Then I apply a small amount of my moisturizer with SPF on my T-zone area only. My skin is a combination of dry and oily. Plus it also gets pimple visitation every month due to hormonal problems. Even my face gets major problem but it doesn’t stop facing the world with confidence.

Remember to cover your face with moisturizer and SPF to protect it from all the harsh things that may affect your face. You’ll meet a lot of toxic people around your way and you can not avoid it, so better yet to be covered and prepared. Some of them may be rude, abusive, or disrespectful but you’ve gotta learn how to deal with them. Deal with them in a way that you’ll have to reciprocate good things to them, remember that you are covered with SPF and that means you are protected from all the uncertainty!

Then I like to start my makeup on my eyes. I apply light and natural color on my eyelids to brighten my eyes. That is how I establish optimism. I’ve got to see the world – every little thing, with beauty and positivity.  It is how you perceived the world. Your choice, so I keep it to be in a very optimist way.


BUT, as I said above light and natural color should go on my eyes. Why? You don’t want to put too much color or optimism and you’ll reach too much expectation on the world, the ending would be either you’ll be left with disappointment or people will abuse you.

Then I curl my lashes to show the world that “hey! I am an amazing person and I don’t give a damn sh*t to whatever people will say”. I know myself and so there’s no other who can judge me except me and myself. Let all my curled lashes do all the action on this.

Then I like to fill in my brows with all the thoughts that I have, right in front of my very eyes. And those thoughts are always and should be POSITIVE.

My favorite, blending! I apply foundation or BB cream with the closest color on my skin tone, enough amount to hide my blemishes, dark spots, and pimples. Hiding these imperfections doesn’t mean you are hiding. Its something that says that “Hey, I am not perfect, but I can deal with it! Confident and brave!”

Blending is so important and you wanna make sure that all of these are equal. Take a look at all its aspect. Emotional, physical, spiritual, or intellectually. Make sure that all of these are even and you are not letting one of this being left behind.

Next to it, I like to put kindness on my cheeks. Blush.


Put kindness in a moderate and healthy amount that you’ll feel well presented to the world. You know what I am saying.

Make sure not to put too much kindness, there are some girls in my observation that tend to put way too kind for all the wrong reasons and end up giving themselves away. No-no, no no!

And the final step, assess yourself.

Do I offer good things to the world? Or to my small community? What kindness have I already said?

Are you speaking in a way that you’ll be proud of? Are you gossiping? (Oh my God, I am guilty of this!)

Communicate with good words. Wear your best lip color! And your self-esteem should be leveled to the person that you ought and wanna be.

Take care all of this, take care of your face but make sure you are taking care of all what’s behind as well.

Last but not the least, your last glance at the mirror should be a pep talk for yourself saying, “YOU GOT THIS DARLING!”









20 thoughts on “THINGS I PUT ON MY FACE | #nofilter

  1. Omg !This is the best blog post on beauty and make up I have ever come across so far.You have literally given a make up tutorial for inner beauty as well.Every time someone is looking for tips on make up I am going to show them this post


  2. You’re beautiful! And us women need to love ourselves more! It goes much deeper than being vain, totally different thing. Doing it to enhance our feeling of self-confidence and feeling good about ourselves is great! It helps our inner beauty shine through 🙂


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