Hi, Christopher!

The funny thing about life is that as much as we wanted to move forward there are some days that we feel like taking a break, to pause, to relax, and to keep waiting. Even if we are waiting for nothing and that’s the funniest thing to say for now!

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To wait, means to put yourself on a feeling of high hopes and dreams. Don’t get me wrong. WE ARE ALL WAITING for SOMETHING that we TRULY LIKE. Something that we wanted to achieve or wanted to have, and by all that means we are occupied with imaginations that one day that “thing” will be on our hand.

Yet we don’t have to dwell ourselves and be stagnant by waiting. Yeah, it is good to wait – patiently but put yourself also into something that you’ll be productive and happy.

I remember my old self, idealistic and wanting to have the best of my dream job. So I applied with this prestige company back home a month before my graduation day. If you are wondering why the hell I am applying before my graduation, I totally forgot the reason why. But the thing is, I am overly excited to have that job.

Long story and cut it short.

I ended up getting failed on it. I was hired for a moment but the company has to decline their job offer since I also applied and got hired with one of their co-company.

Resulting to the point that I got devastated and all my hopes and dreams were all swallowed by my insecurities. Why? It’s just me. Being me. My old self.

I was still idealistic. Wanting to get my dream job. If not my dream job at least it should be something that is wonderful to me. So I have to WAIT again.

Another funny thing, life will throw you the things you least expect.

So I became a TEACHER. A college teacher. FTW!

One day process of getting hired, the next day I am already teaching. So I already knew back then, “Wow! This is amazing! I should be like my professors in my university! This is awesomeeee!”

So I became a teacher the way I wanted to be. Strict, information loaded, a role model and whatever ideal characteristic of a teacher I thought I was. I climbed every single day to master my field of class and to teach college students that are taller, bigger and older (mostly) than me. The majority of them were boys since the institution specializes Engineering and Computer courses.

I ended up again getting failed on this, yes I just wrote “failed” twice on this letter.

The student hates me for being strict. I was so idealistic of being a College Teacher and forgot to build a solid foundation and relationship with the students to gain their attachments towards me. I suffered quite horrific pet-names from those students and it was a very unforgettable experience to my career.

And so I shifted another College Institution but I told myself that I should be changing my techniques. The first times were really hard, really HAAARD! I built friendship outside my class, talk to students, know their selves more than the usual classroom set up but I ended up being courted by some students.

One student confessed his admiration and I couldn’t accept the fact that he sees me more than a teacher. I was so feeling disrespected, although I appreciate that kind of feeling, but to a student under my class? NO WAY.

WAIT A SECOND. There must be something wrong. AGAIN.

And so I assess myself back again, add and minus, multiply and divide all techniques to equalize the equation of my ideal self. I became a Guidance Counselor while teaching college students on my third attempt and proud to say that it was one of the best highlights of my career.

But you know what Chris? Those experiences are part of the WAITING GAME.

I didn’t know that it was a part of my waiting game until I find out that I am already working here in abroad.

Working abroad is a total freaking roller coaster ride! And take note that I am afraid of heights, so imagine a person like me yet riding a roller coaster. It’s crazy! I know, yet its FUN and a LOT of GROWING.

I know you are very efffin‘ curious with the amount of salary OFWs received working abroad. I couldn’t give you the digits, my mom might be faithfully reading all my blog posts! LOL

It’s greater more than our salaries in our country. That’s a general fact!

My waiting game is a very challenging and tricky game. I didn’t expect any of it. I don’t want to be a teacher! But look where was I? I was striving to be my ideal point person as a teacher and I didn’t realize that neglect to find equalization in my aspiration. I was so idealistic, that was my mistake. And I am PROUD of it!

When I started living abroad, I knew that life will really give me a hard time game on it. Maximum levels, different opponents, some may cheat you, some may use you.

There are days that you felt that you have beaten the master monster, like the ones you play in Super Mario to save the Princess. You’re almost dying yet you pulled out all your power to destroy this black evil, only to find out the game isn’t over and the master monster will be next on the way.

Surprisingly, life gives us bonuses. There are rewards that you can obtain too along the way. Life will always throw you thing when you least expect it. So be prepared for it and always conserve your energy.

There are also surprise life bonus when you try hitting the blocks on your head with Super Mario, the best part of it is that there are secret passages where you can escape and be in a totally different world! A new dimension, new world. Isn’t fun?

Just like LIFE. But life isn’t just a Super Mario game.

New dimension calls for a need for traveling, I know you like it! Who does not?

If you fail and lose your life in Super Mario you can just go back again to the same level or crash to ashes your computer if you are completely annoyed.

In life, if you are completely annoyed, you can not smash it, unless it will smash you and you don’t want it to happen.

A good friend always tells me without a reason: BE STRONG!

And so you must, count me as your good friend as I pass it to you without a reason too.

If you plan to play Super Mario, go for it for today. It’s a good break from what’s keeping you waiting, Chris!






My former students are all my friends now. Funny, they still call me those name-names they used to have it for me. You wouldn’t imagine what was it!



Guess what?











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