If there is one thing that I wake up every day regardless of my mental state of being is that I choose to chase happiness. Every. single. time.

Whether if it’s an ordinary day to go to the office, or a boring kinda day-off,  there is a strong force within me to seek what will make me happy. I mean, it’s natural to human to seek pleasure, and pleasure means happiness. (Correct me If I’m wrong, my Psychology 101 has gone dry for a while!)

I have to admit it, I had loose a little focus on myself lately for some personal reasons. It’s not terrible, but I made a mistake.

Who doesn’t? Right?

Some say that you’ll often more regret things that you didn’t do more than the ones that you did, and I strongly agree to that! Funny thing is that I always try to keep what’s the positive note of it. Like, bad decisions in life make really good stories (and blog post!). Hell yeah!


So I’ve been assessing myself lately to what happiness could bring me back to life. Wondering what the hell will gonna work out for me. I’ve done several techniques, name it! Fortunately, those many things that I found made me really happy.

And after quite some time, I tried to figure out what all these things makes sense for. I finally find out that happiness is simplified in one word.


Regardless of what kind of growth is that is! I am happy to say that I am growing!

Whether a new skill, new found friend, a new technique in a shopping, mastery of the rap song that you love, traveling, exercising or strengthening your support system. It all makes sense to GROWTH.

It’s okay to take a pause once in a while but remember to keep on the line track and keep moving.

Whatever it is, all we have to do is to keep growing and not to look back negatively on the things that we did and didn’t do. (Is that make sense?)

Keep growing and you’ll be so much happier!





  1. Wonderful post! I have come to believe there is no such thing as a ‘bad decision’! I often blog about how ‘things happen for a reason’. Look for the good in all things and you will find it !

    For Example: “a bad decision turns into a great blog post”
    Which says it was actually a great decision.
    Grow from our mistakes and bad decisions for they are really stepping stones of life.
    I believe there is good in all.
    It is not what happens to you, it is how you react to it, that matters.
    Like you said, Growth !
    Thank you for liking my post…. ren

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  2. The purpose of life itself is fulfilment which is another way of happiness. I always follow this wise words from a decent man “You have never live this day before, so make the most of it”

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  3. Totally agree with you there Lenny. Finding that spark in life, that opportunity to grow and reinvigorate ourselves is so important and can make us feel so self-satisfied. We also shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves, and that we are always learning in life, even when we don’t immediately recognise it. Hope you’ve been well! 😊

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