I couldn’t find any other words to describe my title on the real feeling I have with this tell off post. Considering that one of this blog’s aim is to share positivity, yet here I am posting a very strong negative word which is “hate“. I understand if it may sound negative, but let me get out of this on my chest and write it all, all at once today.

Becoming an expat is indeed a  life changing event for the majority. Economically speaking it’s a great source of advantage to save for the future and invest to whatever you would like to take in. It is also a good turn of event for everyone’s career growth as it really offers a wide course of green of the greenest pasture. (You know what I am saying!) Topping on that, being an expat is that you able to meet a lot of people in different kinds, levels, personalities, nationalities – as in on random things without you planning that at the end of the day, you are already attached to them and your friendship has already built.


The best thing about it is that despite working away from your families, you have this called “circle of friends” and that serves as your family away from home.

Undoubtedly speaking, they are the ones who will be the witness of all the craziness and awful situation in your life. Well, nevertheless to say, expat life is never been easy.

But what makes this expat life even tougher is that each and every people who you meet, and every friend that you gain, will eventually leave the country and will go back to their homelands for good.

The feeling of being left in here makes my heart bleed to cry as it always happens every now and then.

Truly, it is more painful to be left behind than to be leaving. Although both are painful, I must say that the first one is even harder.

I had experienced countless times of saying “goodbye, we’ll see each other again!” to countless friends I have spent time with, they were the best of my circle, some of them are my housemates, some of them are my workmates and some of them are my family members. Indeed, all the same; they left this sand pit and move forward to their new lives. I am truly happy for their choices, and for the statuses, they have right now.

It is saddening, I won’t deny it. To lose every friend that you spent the most time and shared all your hopes and dreams with. To every coffeeshops you visit, every time you need to loosen up from work, to every mall-sale-madness you insanely run through even if it takes your monthly budget devastated (lol!), to every glass of wine and beer so you’ll get pissed after happy hour and to spend a time just to chit-chat on a normal day. Heeee, I definitely miss specific friends in each of those experiences I cited above!

What I am optimist about, I’ll definitely have new sets of friends along the way (for sure!) and new additional members of the circle.

Because life is constantly moving forward, we will constantly meet new people and old friends will remain treasured and sooner the reason of visiting new destinations because of their homelands.

Note to self is to embrace the changes, it may be hard to see friends who are leaving every now and then but it does not mean  that expat life will become lonely after all. This will be a great chance again to adapt to a new situation, and let ourselves grow and move away to the comfort of our zones.



  1. I can relate to that being an expat. That is life here… friends come and go literally! 😦 But yes it is a reason to visit them in their home Country as I will do soon in Germany! They left for more than a year now and the baby that I usually cuddle will now be wondering who I am haha!

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  2. Oh Lenny, I totally understand your frustrations. Trust me though, most friends will come and go in life (regardless of whether you are living the expat life or never left your hometown), and true friends will carry your interests at heart no matter how far you are. With advancements in technology and increase in mobility I’m sure you will continue to be there for each other. And plus, you will always have Mr Lucky!

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