I know this may sound a bit odd, but yes even myself had the difficulty of believing what I just encountered…

12 THOUSAND (and counting) LIKES ON FACEBOOK IN A WEEK! It’s crazy, right?

The fact that blogging takes a lot of time and effort, It didn’t become a reason for me to stop since I am working full-time in HR too. As a matter of fact, blogging has become my tool in escaping all my stressors from all the sort out happening around. It has become my greatest avenue where I could place my thoughts about where and what about. Writing has been a good therapy for me to keep myself at least occupied with producing positivity and to share it with at least one person.

Going back again to where I started, Luckilylenny Random Thoughts was created on a snap of a finger. It just so happened without extensive research on how to blog, how to put up a website, what to write and etc, It just so happened, believe me.


I was lying on my bed that day and staring at nothingness when all of a sudden an urge feeling of wanting to write came up. So I did! And the rest was history.

My blog, my space, Luckilylenny Random Thoughts has no in specific topic that focuses. It was named Luckiylenny Random Thoughts because “Lucky” is a positive word and makes you feel a goody-good mood when you hear it. It’s joyous, charming, golden and contagious feeling. Right? It has no particular topic but I write more in general only with a golden rule, to spread positivity.

As a blogger, you do have your social media accounts where you can showcase and promote your blog along with engaging with your readers as well. I personally have my Facebook Page and Instagram account actively managed by myself since having them both demands time to be maintained.

On Instagram I climbed every single day to produce with good content and to attract followers to grow my community. Every single day, I engaged myself and that means TIME that you will invest. It’s never been easy when you take your instagram feed on a serious level.  #instagramislife

ig 3

On Facebook page I use it to promote my blog posts and most of the time, share random thoughts, pictures, inspirations, memes and my recent travels.

Speaking of travels, myself has been too thirsty about it but the situation to travel wouldn’t allow myself and my husband right now, and so I came to release it by sharing photos of the countries with free visa for Philippines passport holder.


My facebook post with Visa-Free Countries For Philippines Passport Holder gone viral, without my plan (of course) and went with over 40 thousand shares and gone wild with more than 12 thousand followers in a week! It’s insane! I know!

fb 2.JPG

This post was a product of my desire to travel, a way where I can release my urge feeling to explore the world. I am enthusiastic to share it with my few followers for them to feel the same way. Somehow it could also be the key for everyone’s dream to travel.



  1. Numbers do not define the success of the blog

I will always remain to be true in producing creative content that will share positivity with at least one person. The numbers do not reflect on the numbers of the engagement to the readers, it has a large pool but you still have to attract their interest, and that means of producing a content.

2. Numbers attract brands. The bigger the number the bigger the brands

I got elated with two offers for a staycation in a Hotel in an exchange with a blog post and a travel montage featuring the Hotel. It sounds really attracting and amazing! Who would not want it though? Aside from that you will be staying in the hotel for free, you will be able to get a chance to create another potential creative content. We did not turn it down by the way. It all because that majority of the brands look for a blogger with more than 10 thousand followers in their social media accounts. (it happens that I reached 12k) It is somehow saddening to know that numbers are becoming more important than the content. It should be balanced in a way, somehow.

3. Blogging has two ingredients: CONTENT & FOLLOWERS

Content and followers are the two most important factors in blogging. Establishing them both takes a lot of effort and time. Having a blog post does not end there, you have to share it with your followers and engage with them. It is also a useful technique to join a community of bloggers which support each other in many ways.

4. PHOTOS and VIDEOs are more engaging to the readers

A few people might be lazy to open this blog post and to see a lot of paragraphs to read. There are people who really do not want to read and just want to see the visual presentation. So a good photo must be a way to promote the blog. An additional bonus to the readers if you put up with a video montage. It’s way pleasing to the eyes of the majority.

5. Topic about TRAVEL has the most hits in engagement

Traveling caters all readers. People nowadays would prefer to travel rather than buying a new pair of Jordan. It’s an experience that will last a lifetime and mostly good content comes in travel adventures.


To tell you with honesty, (as I always remain to be true on my blog)   blogging game has become serious to me just like everyone does. This all started out of nothingness on this sand pit and later did I know I am enjoying and becoming my great avenue to express myself and sharing the positivity to at least one person.



  1. Good information on blogging. I’ve been at it for only a couple of months. I treat my blog as a personal travel journal. It’s slow going but I enjoy writing down my life history. Thank for being that one person.

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  2. Lenny! I couldn’t be more happier for you! This is a real dream come true for many of us and hard work sure does pay off! I so love your posts and your blog is one I definitely read to admire picturrs! Between your video content is amazing as well!! Congratulations dear!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Sahar ❤ blogging has defintely more fun and a learning experience because I've got the chance to meet people like you. Your blog has showed me also a different perspective and view about life, and that's what I am even more thankful. Thank you for appreciating our video contents! Cheers to more creative content my dear! 🙂

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  3. well deserved ading. you have good content and an awesome number of followers. harness it with love and good intentions as you always do. all the best of luck 🙂

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