“Kindness is love in action. It is the product of love and joy that kindle the goodness of human. It comprises all the positivity and good deeds in humanity.”

A worldwide instameet is an annual event where instagrammers all over the world gather together to celebrate their passion for photography and to advocate specific theme every year. Instagram co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom announces that this year’s theme for Worldwide Instameet is “kindness”.

photo illustration by moodyscribbler

Kindness whether it is small or big gestures are something that we usually and normally do to our families and friends, and so I am personally captivated by this year’s theme and glad that we will be promoting an act of kindness to random people around the corners of Souq Waqif, Doha Qatar.

kindness 1kindness 2

It is something that we intend to forget and simply may have overlooked that a small act of kindness to a random individual will gradually change a person’s day. Who knows?

kindness 6.jpg
reminder cards to be distributed to random people

Although the weather did not much cooperated, it didn’t bother Qatar’s instagrammers in disseminating act of kindness in different forms. It made this event extra special because we were able to document it through our lenses.

kindness 13

I specifically targeted all hard-working employees and workers around the area and remind them that they are doing their jobs at its best, they smiled and we were able to capture those priceless emotions.

A pat on the back, a sense of appreciation is what all they deserved. It doesn’t hurt right?

kindness 15

 Kindness, no matter how small never goes unnoticed. It is universal and taught in every religion. It is one of the most important human characteristic as I must claim. It may have often overlooked far too much but it shouldn’t be forgotten.The need of little acts of care can turn another person’s day to a better mood. This simple act makes the world even more happier and perfect place to be.

The whole time distributing smiley cards and enjoying the fun under the rain truly marks one of my unforgettable experience as an expat here in Doha. A celebration of fun, laughter and kindness through our lenses.

As culmination, Doha Marriot Hotel extended their kindness and prepared snacks and drinks  to all Instagrammers.


But there is more to it, celebration of kindness is not for a day only! It is a natural practice and must act everyday of our lives. In case you missed it, no worries because you can make simple act of kindness even the world is tough! Yes, you have to do it and it won’t hurt! I listed few and I hope you will enjoy it! Have fun!



Here are some of the snaps happened during the instameet:




Thank you Mo for taking the iniative to organize such an amazing event!



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