Truthfully speaking, El Nido has highlighted its beautiful beaches and lagoons not just in the Philippines but also to the whole world. It has become one of the top tourists destination for all types of travelers.

Striked with its beauty, I have truly left my heart in it.


Unexpectedly stumbled upon this jungle of woods as there were suspension of island tours during our stay and graciously thankful that we found ourselves in this place and beautiful beach cove here.

It is something that is far from the usual scenery that a lot may expect when reaching to El Nido, it is neither part of the commercialized tours being offered. The whole area is purely a Mangrove ecosystem.

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About Mangrove Ecopark

Locals named this place “Wakat-Wakat” which means large roots of the mangroves seen above the water in their local dialect. The mangrove forest spans about 500 meters and was established to conserve the ecological system as we all probably know that mangroves play a significant role to marine life and protection as well to water calamities such as tidal waves and or typhoon.


To disclose my feelings before hitting this place is an episodes of excitement, joy, restlessness and fear. Mr. Lucky had his hard time on convincing myself to explore the whole beauty of this place. I must admit, this is breath-taking and the air is just sooo fresh~!

Upon entering the paths, I have intentionally asked the staffs about what are the things that we may see inside. Specially, since we are in an open area and the sight-seeing is through walking all by ourselves. I have to prepare myself at least.

Without a surprise, honest staffs have warned us to watch out for snakes that could be dangling over the trees, monkeys that could be obstructing the paths and monitor lizards along the way. Whew! That blew me away!


I initially took off and eagerly back out to step on the trail but Mr. Lucky pushes me to my extent of my capabilities. I am afraid of reptiles and extremely irrational fear over snakes (trust me I am having goosebumps when typing the word s*akes) but I really did my best to enjoy this scenic view. Trust me.


The whole trail would last up to 30 minutes as they say, but we I didn’t manage to stay or walk beyond 30 minutes. I am overly paranoid on my surroundings that I might caught up with a personal interaction with my greatest fear. We ended up walking on the paths for about 15 minutes but that was the longest minutes in my life!

However, I still managed to take our travel photos as if I am not afraid! All because for my blog, for my readers. 

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I have my fears on it, but it doesn’t mean I was not able to appreciate the majestic scenery of this beautiful creation brought to my eyes. In between fear, there is a feeling of marvelous at the mangrove trees around.

Truly thankful that we were able to discover this place and there were no animals found during the trail! 🙂

blue-lineHOW TO GET HERE:

  • From El Nido Town Proper, take Rizal St. reaching your way to Taytay-El Nido National Hiway. You have 3 options in getting here:
    • Rent a motorcycle for 500php per day
    • Rent a tricycle which will cost roughly to 1000-1500 php, (including driver for the whole day) depending on your negotiation. Try to haggle as much as you can.
    • Take a tricycle as a commuter which will cost you 100 php round trip. – I strongly suggest this option
    • ***Take opportunity to appreciate scenic views along the way as well. (bonus)
  • Straight your way to Maremegmeg and a sign board of Mangrove Ecopark will give you the hint.
  • Travel time should be around 15minutes.



  1. This is a safe-place. A designated pathway above the mangrove roots are intended for all visitors.
  2. Good alternative just in case the weather is not fit for island tours.
  3. Not a touristic spot, so you might get a solo tour on this woods.
  4. Entrance fee is 50 php
  5. Camera, phone and extra batteries for your travel photos.
  6. Take care of the whole surrounding, leave no trace but footprints.




  1. I love the idea of visiting beautiful spots that are off the beaten path! This is lovely! I don’t think I would be thrilled about seeing snakes, either!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. wow,never heard of this place before! It looks so exotic! Good to know it’s a safe place to visit ! Snakes wouldnt be a problem for me at all, that bridge on the other hand..! Lol!

    Liked by 1 person

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