It’s always best to see something in person rather than to see on their instagram feeds drooling over the photos captured in El Nido Palawan – a scenic paradise.

It has been my greatest desire to visit El Nido Palawan, probably it is number 1 on my list on all beaches and travel adventures in the Philippines. As a matter of fact, to travel the whole islands of the Philippines is my ultimate travel goal with Mr. Lucky.

I’ll share you this one unforgettable day during our El Nido trip and what we have learned as a travellers.

Aside from all the commercialized Tours (tour A, B, C, D) being offered to all tourists to witness the lagoons, hidden beaches, pristine islands and so forth, there is this one place that we unexpectedly DISCOVERED.


Although the trip is greatly plan with carefull considerations and perfect time itineraries, we couldn’t avoid circumstances such as bad weather due to low pressure area. Good thing, it’s not even raining nor vast of wind is not seen during the day.

Unfortunately, 2 days of boat tours were cancelled but it doesn’t mean the fun must stop. We continue to explore the town and went to Nacpan beach on the first day and unexpectedly got stranded on a beautiful cove on the second day.

Lapus- Lapus Beach Cove, El Nido Palawan Philippines

It wasn’t our intention neither a plan to get here. Our original plan is to try the activities in the famous Las Cabanas Resort and voila! Destiny pushes us to this breath taking place.

img_4626We enjoyed the place so much for the reason that we owned the whole place-all-by-ourselves. Isn’t perfect?


Perfectly, we achieved our photo pegs without photo bomber scattering all around. Hear me when I say that it is really hard to take travel photo pegs because the places are too touristy. So imagine that you were all alone with this beautiful cove, so what are you gonna do? Take a lot of travel photos!



How to get here:

  • From El Nido Town Proper, take Rizal St. reaching your way to Taytay-El Nido National Hiway. You have 3 options in getting here:
    • Rent a motorcycle for 500php per day
    • Rent a tricycle which will cost roughly to 1000-1500 php, (including driver for the whole day) depending on your negotiation. Try to haggle as much as you can.
    • Take a tricycle as a commuter which will cost you 100 php round trip. – I strongly suggest this option
    • ***Take opportunity to appreciate scenic views along the way as well. (bonus) 
  • Reach your way to Sun Bar which you will notice as well that there is a long line of trycicles on the side road. That’s the sign!
  • From road, leave your motor if you have and take the stairs down to Sunbar.
    • you can have refreshments here at Sun Bar, try their Fresh Mango Shake – bomb!
  • Exactly at the side of Sun Bar, you will notice boulders of rocks and make your way to to cross it to reach residential area of Corong-corong.
  • Check for available boat of residents willing to help you to reach the Lapus Beach Cove. Remember that this is not commercialized beach cove so they might ask you for huge fee. Our’s was 500 php (pick and drop). That’s quite enough.
  • Alternatively, look on Google Maps or use these GPS 11°10’03.2″N 119°23’15.2″ coordinates.

***This is our DIY route. Feel free to explore the town too!

Things to Remember:

  1. This is not a commercialized beach cove. It’s a private owned but can be access as you pleased.
  2. Pack foods and water necessary for the whole stay.
  3. Bring mats and towels for your picnic use. Try to scout the area before setting up the picnic.
  4. Camera, phone and extra batteries for your travel photos. Yes, there is a signal in the cove.
  5. Take care of the whole surrounding, leave no trace but footprints.



Aside from the famous tours being offered, allocate a separate day free of any itineraries. Just all by yourselves and explore what’s in sight of El Nido. You’ll never know what nature can bring you to surprise. It is best to travel and explore the places out of your own and curiosity.

By exploring, we landed with this beautiful beach cove and ended that this is the higlight of our 5 days trip to El Nido.





  1. Thanks so much for joining the travel link-up Lenny! I’ve enjoyed seeing your Instagram photos from this beautiful place so it was extra special to get to read all about it too. Great that you’ve included detailed instructions about how to get there too – now I really want to try to find it for myself!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks to you, Polly! I am much enjoyed to see your Instagram photos specially when it features Sophia ❤ I hope to read your blog post soon about visiting the Philippines 🙂


    1. Yes, El Nido is popular. Apparently this specific place is underrated because it is not commercialized. The good thing about this is that – it is preserved and not crowded.


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