Dear Kim,

Let me greet you a happy birthday in advance and may all your wishes come true!

I know this sounds overrated, and as much as I wanted to express my sincerity to greet you a happy birthday I also wanted to say a prayer for you that your wishes be granted as well. I wish that your prayers be close to you as possible, if not be granted. Nevertheless, happiness is what everyone truly deserves, I hope you are currently indulging into it.

I hope someday we’ll be able to meet personally and attend together some blogging events here in Doha. The gatherings are overwhelming and you’ll definitely love each blogger’s personality when you get to see their real faces behind their blogs.

It’s a feeling of fulfillment every time I get to know each person behind every blog I religiously read. It is like giving life to your imagination based on the neatly presented photos they use to attach on their blog posts and stories being shared.  How amazing it was!

Speaking of blogging events, I wanted to share to you that it wasn’t my plan to go on such social gatherings at first. To tell you with utmost honesty, I began to appreciate attending events through PR invitations if any or mostly through public free events because I have gained sweet and reliable blogger friends who will take photos of my OOTDs and flat lays. Lol. Kidding aside, the reason why I felt attached on attending event is because of the people you’ll meet along the way. It is a great feeling knowing that the people surrounds you share also the same passion as you do. They simply understand when you need to stand on the chair just to get a nice shot of flat lay, as a matter of fact they are free to help you in case you need them.

Aside from that, you’ll get a winning experience too not for yourself but also for your blog. It’s a win-win situation. So, did I succeed convincing you to attend naah? Hahaha

Recently, I just finished watching Legend of the Blue Sea. Oh come on! Is there any living creature who doesn’t know Lee Min Ho? I bet you have watched this too and dreamed of becoming a mermaid likewise! Haha I do watch Kdramas a lot too, but I really wanted to avoid it as of now. Why? Because it consumes not only my time – but it consumes a lot of myself.

I day-dream, I rush to finish my house chores, I smile alone, I keep hearing korean language on my mind that seems a music to me already. – That is why I stopped. Hehe!

Kdramas are so cute that gives too much romantic excitement! I really love watching’em. I really do.

Have you tried watching CW, HBO, AMC TV shows? If you are not familiar with these broadcasting companies, here it is what I am referring to:

  • The Walking Dead
  • Game of Thrones
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • The 100
  • Reign
  • The Originals

Those are few of the list, but they are my top best picks which I am currently guilty spending my time right now and maybe the reason why I don’t find much time on my blog now. Hehe! Currently, Reign, The 100 and TVD are running on air every weekend so definitely you must have known what I am usually doing with my weekend.

Apparently, TVD will come to an end after 8 Seasons. This March will be their season finale, and it is so heart breaking to realize that my fantasies with vampires will be over soon. (insert sad face)

Moving on, if you are trying something new to experience maybe we can try visiting museums and libraries here in our place. I have visited Mshereib Museum last weekend and I was amazed how they presented the history and fell in love with the peaceful environment of it. It’s a must try for us bloggers, and I am definitely blogging that experience when I find time or after watching my TV series.

Considering that we are both expats and came from the same home country, I am happy and proud to know that you have invested your hard-earned money to a lifetime investment on your own. Our stay here as we know is not for permanency, and we are fully aware that time will arrive when we have to pack our things and go back to our beloved country. It is good to know that you have rolled out your money to a good investment. I am proud of you and I hope there would be a lot of expats will do the same as you do! I am happy for you.

Aside from all the TV series and Kdramas that we like the same, my birth month is February too! Yes! So I am excited as well for this month.

Have a blast Kim!

A new beginning for us, shall we?


9 thoughts on “A LETTER TO KIM

  1. Oh-em! You’re February too?!?! My eyes popped out when I saw this post. Wasn’t expecting it until later. Just wait and I will respond in kind. Thank you so much and Belated Happy Valentines! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Hmmm… just curious… when is your birthday? 😀

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