Recognition is one of those ideas that captures something simple 

about what all of us need,

yet much more difficult to find and experience.


If you are asking what must have been the urge on how does this blog keeps running despite the fact of life being an expat is that the spirit of people that surrounds and keeps me igniting with fire.

Being recognized or just simply being known in a simple way is something that really uplifts our persistence in doing our job. It is a special power that gaves us more motivation in doing the best we can for a particular task we do.

I am happy to share with you that our blog, was listed as one of the recommended blog in the website, It is a an online community that provides information and services for anyone who is planning to move abroad.


Expat focus.JPG


It is a great feeling of satisfaction that the primary objective of this blog (to inspire at least one person) is getting achieved (I hope so) more likely not one but to count more. I am indeed truly happy to share the positivity with all my readers.

Our capacity to recognize others must be practice more often, to empower and to lift up others’ feelings as well. It could be in the simplest way of verbal speech, and may goes beyond it.

Expat focus has also introduced me to the community through online question and answer. I have answered all their questions with the utmost honesty and sincerity towards my passion which is writing and living currently as an expatriate.

If you would like to read about some facts about my expat life and some horrible  experiences  I crossed just to move in where I am now, you can read it here.




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