Dear Katie,

I’d like to call you Katie because it is much sweeter to call you than Oneshotlatte.

You know that one shot is never enough to fulfill our thirst of coffee so I am wondering why did you put up your blog name with Oneshotlatte. Why not two shots or multiple shots? I’d like to know your story behind this or else I’ll be stuck wondering if you really are just sipping one cup of latte a day. Please don’t let me be hanging. Please.

Congratulate me and welcome me back as this post is my first entry for this year 2017. (I hope it doesn’t sounds demanding.) I was away for a month and indulge my self to rural style life. It was my entire expat dream to hibernate at least for a short time and gladly I made it. I hope to share with you all this, not the story itself but the experiences I gained during my short vacation.

If you’ll be asking me how was my vacation. I am very much delighted with the simplicity of life in our province. I live in a small town where rice fields and some fish ponds are all around so I got to inhale the freshest air coming from the waves of leaves of the trees. I’ve got to experience fishing in the most traditional way I guess as I believe. And please don’t ask how many fishes I caught. You’ll get surprised. (face palm*)

 I was in everyday awe witnessing the beauty of sun dominating the sky. Whatever it may be. Be it sunrise or sunset, I was on a starstruck to witness this majestic color presentation of shading the sky to lightest color. I purposely woke up early each morning to see this color presentation. It somewhat gives me a perfect mind and body conditioning throughout the day.

Processed with VSCO with a8 presetimg_2764-1img_2848

It is my desire to share all wonderful moments I gained during my holiday vacation but it gives me a no-words to say up to this moment because I am still hanging up on my day-dreaming. Honestly, I am composing myself on how I am going to blog all those, I think it will take a couple of time for me to finish it.


Moving on from my vacation, I really miss Doha! Yes, I miss the way how I get up early in the morning and prepare for work. I miss all the pressures and everyday battle in office or even at sale days at Lulu Supermarket. Truly this place has left an overwhelming mark in my heart that leads me longing for it. Now we are on the winter season, or more I should say “cold season” and I am loving it! (except my skin rashes due to this weather)

Right from the very start of this letter, I am thinking on how this would go on. Should I ask you random questions and you’ll be answering me in a few days? I hope so because I haven’t receive a letter in a while and I keep sending letters but nobody replies! Lol

On a serious note, I am already on my 85th attempt to finish this letter as I am battling with a lazyness AF to write, low knowledge of words or this writer’s block as they say. Now, could you tell me if you are also having this kind of dilemma and would you mind sharing it too me on how you deal with it? I mean, I have some sorts of techniques that I ussualy do but I would like to know yours.

To say the most, during my revival of life as a blogger I intend to read perpetually your recent blog posts and it gives me an uplifitng spirit. With the feminism approach you ussualy takes on your article is a super power to boost someone’s virtue a little higher. I commend you with that. Gratefully, your rants doesn’t explode with negativity specially to food reviews and other such things.

I’ll see you when I see you. Spare me of your mercy as I am still reviving my writer-self up to this point.

Thank you Katie, and toast for a more Cafe Latte!

See you around. xoxo



  1. Happy new year! It’s an awfully heartfelt letter… and I like your initiative of writing directly to your readers.
    If your beautiful photos are anything to go by, it appears that you have had a wonderful month off! I wish you have a great 2017 and hope to hear more from you soon. 😊

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  2. Hey Lenny,
    Hope you had a nice vacation. Reminds me of the time I visited Gangtok and woke up early one morning to see the majestic beauty of the Kanchenjunga (they say it was a rare sight!). Hey, why don’t I write about that trip. Yup, I’ll write about that for sure.
    Thanks, you just gave me a nice topic for writing! I’ll write that as soon as I end up with my exams and get in a good college!

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  3. Dear Lenny,
    Welcome back to the sand pit! I hope you had a restful vacation and ready to face expat challenges. I wish I could also hibernate on my vacations – I should try… but it is not always the case. Anyway welcome and will be waiting for your vacation stories.


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