A new year is on the way and new possibilities are endless and its also on our way now. Are you ready?

So before I take my much awaited vacation and probably my last blog post for 2016 while in Qatar, Mr. Lucky and I just finished our year end project for my blog. Here’s a simple montage on finding ourselves in the midst of discovery and exploration.


See then, I have finally put my random thoughts into a place where I could set my spirit free. Everything we see in this world may be different the way I perceived things compared to the way you see it.

Our world is a challenge ground where we to learn and move forward no matter where it gets. It has full of discoveries, what we have to do is to explore.

Slowly we walk forward to where we must go.

We venture to the unknown and feed our hungry thoughts forth; and although there are reversals we must have to find our way back and see the happiness that surrounds us.

The children’s laughter that ignites our soul; how they play, the busy crowd, to where we travel, the vitality and natural beauty of nature, and to see and appreciate all the simple things that is surrounding us.

Happiness that revolve around us are not made alone by ourselves. It is where our friends, our families, and all the people who matters to us that kindle the blissfulness inside us.

And sooner, we able to discover ourselves, by exploring the world, see the beauty in every little things, find serenity and sets our spirit free.


Tap ON the sounds! Enjoy watching. πŸ˜€

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