Dear Dar,

Yuor daitels lfet me with extcienmt and I wuodl lkie yuo to konw taht one sutdy has sohwn taht it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

Yeah I know that above introduction is a bit overrated all over the web but this is how amazing our brain serves us, regardless if we are using them or not. They still serve us on a daily basis. Every day for 24/7. I hope I am using mine now because I do not know where the hell this typing will lead me to.

But anyway, hey, Dar, Congratulations!

For what? Nothing. Nothing special. I just want to put the word Congratulations in this letter. And since I have typed it already I will make a reason for me to congratulate you.

Congratulations because you have found another piece of yourself.

Appreciating the smallest thing in this world is one thing a person must always remember. I like the idea how you like the smell of kinirog nga kilabban (fried rice from left over rice) and the other small things around you. You won’t even understand how you like it, it just so happens. I either way, have the same strong feeling of attachment over the smell of hay. I like it specially in the morning, when you wake up with your senses – inhales and smells everything that surrounds you even caraboa’s poop! How delighted! Well, It’s a province life, and there’s no such as freshly and natural to live in this kind of place.

People now a days loves the adventure of travelling and often visits to what is unusual to their sights. I am grateful because I live in a small town where pollution has not yet find its discovery to this place. I consider this as a haven place for me, specially that our house is at the end of the neighborhood. My memories are still clear how I use to take photos during sunrise and sunsets, I would usually crawl on a field of grass over my pajamas just to capture the sun. I don’t know why do I have to crawl on the grass, I believe during that time that it is a good shot. I don’t know if what I am believing for is true! Thankfully none of my neighbor caught me during that time!

I bet you like this as well! Let’s set some time to catch the beauty of King Sun and do some crawling!

Speaking of green grass, you got me curious about Greenlands’ name. It has struck me already before but I didn’t find time for me to study about it. I am lazy to do it, so I just leave it on my mind hanging in there.

And so that is for you to re-evaluate what you heard about me.

Those are gossips and not true.

If only I can share how I grimly smiled as soon as I have read the details you sent me and move my face left and right to my dismay. (Lol!) And just to clear what you might misunderstood, I have to disclose my dark days for you to convince that I am the opposite person from what you have heard.

When I was a student before I have lots of organization on my portfolio, thus enable for me to attend some lecture discussions and suffer at night to catch up on my lectures all by myself.  During my high school years my best friend would try to persuade me  to cut classes and just play all around – watch teleseryes – roam around the neighborhood and I would totally agree with her without a second thought!

I remember very clear that I was once a favorite student of our principal, she always invites me at her office and talk about myself. What I do at home and how I spend time with my friends. Little did I know that it was a form of counseling for their procrastinated students. It was a big lie to my face!

(I just hope that my best friend is not reading this and so do my mum!)

And so because I am too overly confounded, I see to it that I have to learn my subjects and at least passed my course. So what you have heard is not me, It’s the opposite way Dar. 

So going back to Greenland, if you are watching sort of Game of Thrones theme TV shows or any some kind of medieval period, that is how it happens.

Would you believe that it is a strategy technique of a viking?

Long time ago, there was a viking named Erik the Red (maybe he has red hair? Just like Mc Donalds) and was banished from his own land and thrown away to a far away place. He was so alone in this cold snowy land and he figured out to call it Green land so that people will travel and visit this place. Sooner, people started travelling from far away place to see how green is green land.  (Nice one Erik! :D) 

Then there is Iceland which is in reality greenland. He moved to Iceland and lived a bountiful life thinking that people will not visit the place since it is called “Ice land”. Later on he then decided to change it Red land (because of her red hair) but it didn’t turned out well because he had deceived people on his first try.

There is also Blackland, a place where there are lots of living organism called fungi. They live in a place where people had overused the Greenland. It’s a scary place but people personally made it. The person/people who made it are not black haired but with dark conscience.

Even before people loves to travel and see the beauty of nature. I guess that is how we love about this earth. Its greenery and the fondness of its color! The simplicity of it’s characteristic that gives this complex whole idea that green is beautiful in our eyes.

 Apologies if I have taken some notes seriously I just couldn’t help! Mind you also that not all ideas here are all serious. Its up to you where are the serious notes here but Erik’s red hair is true and that he has a good startegy technique.

Congratulations Dar on whatever you are doing and so. Congratulations becuase you have find your way on my blog and I really appreciate it. I would like you to reciprocate some time if you mind writing a letter by replying to this. It’s not an obligation for you to make but I think this would be a great idea for you to lighten up the wick towards your writing journey! This could be a good start!


16 thoughts on “A LETTER TO DAR

  1. The concept of letters is so antiquated but can be such a touching gesture at the same time… It’s a great idea to invite your guests to communicate by way of letters!
    Good that the all-important question has been answered 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

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