Slowly and getting slowly, my days are getting close to what I have been waiting for so long.

I have dreamed of it from the moment I I first touch my camera and started compiling ideal shots and pegs so once I came to see it, I’ll be able to have it on my own. Days are now getting slowly as I reach the day that I have been waiting for. I am still here, hanging and waiting for my vacation to arrive.

This may be a little overblown thought of me to arrive in my blog how I excited I am to be finally setting my feet at the airport. No. not yet today. I still have a couple of weeks to wait and prepare for the big day of my expat life.

If you are wondering why I ended up overly-excited about having my vacation, the truth is it’s been more than 2 years of working and living in the Middle of Dessert and my soul wanted to be free for the very mean time. Exclude the fact that I am complaining, naaaah ~ who wouldn’t love vacation? I consider this as my break through. A celebration for myself that I have finally gave myself a break.

My employment’s condition with regard to vacation is being served annualy. I wasn’t able to catch my vacation last 2015 because Mr. Lucky have his 2 years of contract before he could finally get his vacation, this is something with the labour laws being implemented with the country I am working with. It’s a long discussion to tell.

I had my local leave but that doesn’t fulfill my soul. There is no place like home. I posted a couple of months how I terribly miss home (here) and finalllllllly, in no time. I’ll be home this Christmas Season. ❀

On the first day of my vacation, I have set my list on the things I will accomplish that is why I will tell you my 1st DAY TARGET.

As soon as I set my feet on the ground, I’ll defintely inhale as much as I could and bring all in all fresh air inside my lungs. Finallly, a literally breath of fresh air from my native hometown. The smell of hay, and all native farm animal’s poop ` all in all together. I can imagine them all right now.

At lunch time before heading to home, I will enforce my family to take us firstΒ to Victor’s Lechon Manok & Barbeque to grab a pack of their best selling sisig and pork barbeque to take it home for our first family lunch. I bet they have prepared fresh fishes and fresh vegetables already at home, but the welcome lunch won’t be completed without these meats.

Speaking of fresh, the very first I would like to have is our local pinakbet. Nothing compares the authentic sweetness of this dish because of the natural savory taste of its vegetables. If you are a vegan like me, you’ll totally understand the sweetness taste I am talking about with vegetables. Include on the list is the native home grown chicken that we have in our backyard for tinola and my all time favorite adobo. My stomache is raging right now as I type on my keyboard. lol

On the middle of the time, as soon as I got free. We will surely visit our love-ones at the cementery to offer prayers and commemorate the days we spent. Moving forward, along the road of our road trip using our friendly motorbike Daniel, we will surely hit the streetfoods and grab all I wanted. Including balot and bibingka.

The spirit of Christmas for sure is already lightened up in our town that time, everyone is on vacation I guess so defintely our first day is fun filled with relatives and friends.

I couldn’t wait any longer for the day to arrive, I am proud to tell and no shame at all to proclaim how excited I am for this vacation.

Nevertheless, if it’s not the food we are talking about. Defintely my first day target is to give the warmest hugs and kisses to my family and friends. My nieces and nephews, and all cousins waiting for an adventure with me, just as I am.

Vacation, here I am. We’ll take it slowly. Please?






***photos are not mine. CTTO

43 thoughts on “1st DAY TARGET

  1. I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating with your family and friends. We’re going to London for Christmas and we’re so excited. Best wishes for a great trip


  2. Hey, let me spoil the surprise buddy. Unless you will not be rrally firm with your schedules, some of your plans (trips) might not push through. If weather is also not cooperative, some of your to do list may not just come to life. But guess what, all these are part of the adventure. And who cares if plans wont work out… being with family is all that matters. Im actually “inggit”… One tip, learning to say “no” to other schedules will also allow you to get the more important things done. Remember its your vacation. Rest. And dont come back tired. Hehehe… tagal ng 2017!

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