Dear Rapunzel,

Have you put down your hair? Your mother has been asking it to you and I wonder why we never heard any of your complains about it. I bet your mom is as light as paper so you were able to lift her using your hair. Your perseverance is a highlight of it, I must commend.

If you are looking through your window now while combing your hair, you have to stop it and try out exploring world right now. Sooner or later a big revelation will come to you and will change your whole life. That’s sounds exciting!

So while you are still hanging up there, some girls are in to clubs – partying – real hard , and some are at the cafe – blogging. -that’s me.

Time has change a lot of things right now, from the way people dress, up to the language we use and way down to all the small things we are using now. These are all fantastic — and crazy.

If you are a coffee person, you’ll love the world today! There’s a lot, as in a LOT of places to grab a coffee now, and they are becoming addictive. I should say that it is more becoming of a TREND. People go to cafes not just because of the coffee alone, but also because of the place and some because of the good reception of wifi. If ever you don’t know wifi, it’s part of the fantastic things I am telling you. Cafes are more of a hang out place right now, you drink your coffee for 3 hours so you could sit on this couch, take photo of it and upload this to your social media accounts; so that your friends will now that you are at this certain place and you have this coffee. I don’t know if you understand what I am saying, but this is the crazy part of what I am telling you.

You see, as much as you love the smell of the green grass on the surrounding of the tower you are, you’ll even love them greater when you set your feet on the ground. By writing this to you, my feelings are getting intense because I am patiently waiting for my vacation to arrive. Just so you know, I am more than 2 years working abroad and away from my family and I am really and absolutely agitated for it to come. And I can’t wait to execute all my vacation plans – all in details.

And so if you are stuck in there for so long, you’ve gotta move and do some action for you to explore your world. You’ll be surprise that there are lot of things happening out there.

If you ever got the chance to break free from that tower, don’t get alarmed by the crazy stuffs around you. Those are all considered – NORMAL. One thing may not look normal to you is the metal thingy on the most of the people’s teeth. Well it’s medical-dental requirement to set the imperfection alignment of the teeth. But it has the same concept with the cafe/coffee I have told you. Although it is important for some people who needs it, mostly the fact is – it is a TREND.

Yes, people have this kind of following what is in current  on the time being and it’s somehow part of human nature to have this conformity.

You’ll definitely encounter a lot of melodramatic love stories torn between multiple lovers. Don’t fret because this is normal. I am preparing you and giving you a hint how the world is really scary and crazy right now.

It is more of the brightest star you’ve seen from that tower. It’s more of the fresh air and cool breeze gliding on your cheeks. More than ever that you couldn’t imagine.

Isn’t that scary?

I don’t mean to scare you dear.

The world is different if you get close to it.

If the time comes that you found yourself caught up let it be and just be true to yourself. Do not be afraid to show the world how brave you are. Follow where you truly believe that will make you happy. Take note that love has no boundaries. I hope you get what I mean.

It is you, and only you will make your life.

And while you decide to cut your hair which I guess you don’t have to. Do not forget to stay beautiful. There is no secret of being beautiful, you just have to be yourself.

2 thoughts on “A LETTER TO RAPUNZEL

  1. A response from Rapunzel:

    I’m very grateful mybfriend, for your cautious introduction of the world outside. Scary and exciting as it is, I may one day find the time to explore it. However, if it is peace of mind and some alone time away from the extravagant world you are seeking for, I welcome you to visit me in my tower. We could talk about life’s meaning and purpose beyond the materialistic world, we could discuss happiness that is found within and not from anything, and we could enjoy the priceless beauty of nature together. 😊
    How about you come visit me to know my world, and then I’ll come with you when you return to your world? 😊

    Still brushing my hair,

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