You’ll probably see me most of the time sipping my coffee next to my notebook planner as I contemplate on the random things I should be doing or in reality, coffee-ing while reading my social media news feed. That’s how I begin my days are.

This is not new to the world, coffee is the most important meal of the day. You can never have anything without starting a cup of coffee. I apology for those who are not pro-caffeinated but to those who are like me, who adores the coffee everyday and make it as a part of their life ~ Let’s celebrate because this cafe will definitely suit you.

I’ve been in this cafe for a couple of times, and each corner of it gives me flashbacks of my memories with my friends I shared with over a cup of coffee and pastries. One thing that this place hit me is because primarily it is close to our office, and the ambience is ideal for group meet-ups or me-time.

What makes me go back again and again with cafes are the environment itself. Good food are mostly given out on the scenarios so next to consider is the ambiance of the place.

Who wouldn’t look for a good place to hang-out while drinking your latte?

I’ll tell you why I find Meesh Cafe excellent place for you:

  • It has good lighting, perfect for capturing your #instafoodie
  • there are seats alloted for groups, some are couches, some are high chairs (the highchair is my favorite)
  • they provide some reading materials if you want to spend your time alone
  • they equip their tables with electric sockets in case you run out of batteries on your gadgets
  • they have a good reception for free access of  wifi


It was no surprise to me when I tried out their new menu that consists of fresh sandwiches in bagels, ciabatta and baguette. All in huge quantity of serving , freshly baked breads, and delightful presentation when they served it on our table. I believe each sandwiches can serve two persons for sharing!

Specifically I tried samples of Chicken Shawarma, Breakfast Bagel and Roasted Vegetable Sandwich. I am not a totally sandwich person, or must I say I don’t eat bread on a usual basis, but I think this set of menu will change my morning routine.



Breakfast Bagel is a sandwich loaded with American style breakfast put all together in one pack. I must say that this is a meal-on-the-grab if you’re running late for meeting and you have to fill in your stomach for a full day ahead.

Ham-Tomatoes-Cheese-Egg-Veggies-Bacon-Creams ~what else do you see? This is the Breakfast Bagel.

They do have also a variety of dessert, and I am sure that this is one of the best partner for your coffee. Cake and coffee makes a good combination, it’s a simple happiness when you’ve got to match things with different flavor. It’s a fusion. You know what I mean.


Carrot cake

This is no doubt, you know me that I wouldn’t pass the day without spoiling my taste buds with these heavenly sweet desserts. I tried carrot cake, red velvet cake, chocolate cake and salted caramel and just like what I told you, these are all in perfect combination with our hot coffee.

You are probably enumerating by now how much calories I gained as soon I step out of this cafe. For me I prefer to count the memories I spent and the flavors of each food places I have been to. Well, that is how I mind set myself not to feel guilty. Lol

Not to say the least about the coffee, I wasn’t able to capture a good shot of my caramel frappe espresso but the over-all food and ambiance presentation will give justice on the taste of my frappe. I was invited to for this event yet I gave all my true and honest opinion based on my factual experience, as always.

I just wish that they would venture for  deliveries specially along the offices nearby (ehem). Below are the contact information and location of Meesh Cafe:

Address: Crowne Plaza Doha – The Business Park, Airport Road, Najma, Doha 22088 (location map)

Contact Number: 44087744

Timings:  7AM – 12 Midnight

PS: They have special discounts after 8PM on their sandwiches and pastries. Isn’t great? 😀


Meesh Cafe - Crowne Plaza Doha, The Business Park Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. It does looks like a cozy trendy comfy place to hang-out! Like you, I love coffee too! Caramel Macchiatto is my favorite! 😊 I could be left in a cafe alone for hours and I would not complain as long as I have my laptop or a book with me! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly are my story is! On a random days when I wanted to be alone, I ussualy hang out to cafes and bring my laptop with me. I ended the day with great productivity on my blog. 🙂 So I guess, cafe helps my blog a lot! HAHA

      Liked by 1 person

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