Hi Mr. DJ!

I feel so groovy today writing you a letter simply because your name gives me a boost to start up the day. I thank you for that.

I always, always wonder the same as you.

Why do bars have parking lot if we can’t drink and drive? That’s pretty a great question to make myself wonder and think about it even though there’s a lot of work to settle on my desk today.

I have two theories to present with you this morning and hopefully you’ll be satisfied how my brain works at the moment as I took one cup of green tea with lemon and not the ussual morning cup of coffee.

  1. Parking lots could be designed for the customers who are not alcohol drinkers or might as well for the employees of the bar. For VIPs too.
  2. It could also be some extra-supernatural being occupying the parking lot- that seems a parking lot but we couldn’t see it with our naked eye. The Manager has the only access for it to see. A free space portraying a parking lot but in reality it’s a ghost hang out place. Hmmmm. What do you think?

Either way around, the two theories could be possible. Who might knows that the staff serving in the bar are also supernatural being! Have you not wondered why are they are so ecstatic despite of a toxic job they have? Smiling at all times while performing their job is not an easy task, yet they keep being relax as if they are happy when deep down inside of their soul is a freaking episodic of annoyance. We can assume that!

Now I just realized why alcohol has a spirit. I am not a heavy drinker and not totally the kind of girl who goes to bar and make some party as I claim but as you are aware alcohol gives us a total out-of-this-world experience when it enters to our body. It gives us a lift of our being and makes our soul sway.

No wonder why we ussually do things that we can’t do on a normal basis. It is because of the all the spirits entered to our body!

Now, please I am not recommending you to take spirit, I mean alcohol but if you think that you need it the most – then probably indulge yourself to it and become the person you can not do when you are in the normal state being!

And when someone claims your action being unmannered, blaim the spirits not luckilylenny. Okay?

So apparently, let’s continue this spirited conversation. If you plan to flirt and socialize with others; consider first your state being, I would like you to do it when you are influenced by spirits. And please note, although it would be merrier to do it with friends – I strongly suggest NOT TO INVITE your friends. Do it alone and solo the fun! In that case, you’be fulfilled and let me know if you wanna come back again. I guess your partner will suck you as vampire and draculas do!

As a lady, as a wife, and as a person being I am really trying my best to understand the nature course of all men when regards to flirting. I don’t want to exemplify “flirting” be it that word, as it alreay gives justice to the word itself.

DJ, let me share to you my honest opinion about it.

I am very open to socialization, I mean its part of our life to grow and learn things. I wouldn’t hinder other people specially my partner to grow the same. My partner and I has a level of communication to which I define as distantly-open. He opens (As I do the same) every thing about his life, including girls on his surroundings. We try as much as possible to conjoin our circle of friends for him to be able to know the kind of friends I do have and same goes with him.

Simply being said, I let him know my friends, my officemates and all people who is not connected to him but through me. We simply join our worlds together and all the people on it.

Distantly in a way, I do respect and has a high regard when it talks about privacy. I distant myself in his own private conversation not only to girls but also to other people. I don’t seem to be bother when he is chatting with other girls. Although this sounds may be intriguing but trust me, I always compell myself not to open his social accounts. Thus in a way, socialization will makes sense individually and will distinctively separated with the concept of flirting.

I am stating to think that I am getting serious on this letter as I discuss this issue, forgive me for this but this have to be a serious matter.

Anyhow, although we are not in a perfect relationship, just like any other. I try to understand man’s nature when in terms of being attracted to other girls.

I could accept the thought of him being attracted and getting starstruck to other girls with much more pleasing appearance rather than myself. What my mind doesn’t want to process is the thought of him having a romantic attachment to other party, or same goes the way we refer as “flirting”.

So DJ, It gets creepy to say atleast when you in a state of alcohol because you get to be flirty. Just socialize I would suggest.

And if I ever have a brain wash machine I will defintely use it to all flirty husbands out there. Maybe to you, If I will be given an opportunity to meet you somehow.

It is so powerful to control the minds of other people through brain washing, then therefore it would be a great use to all husbands who are getting lost on their ways.

What do you think?


5 thoughts on “A LETTER TO MR. DJ

      1. Ahaha mano lang met dayta .com manong. Kayang-kayam! Awan dayta, awan paghug-hugotak in personal life, dun kay Mr. DJ na nag send yan and I have to relate some of my life instances para mas relatable basahin. Thanks for worrying, but we’re perfectlt fine manong! I-add ka man ti FB!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. glad to hear that 🙂 alla apu FB?! nyahahahaha awan la ti di adda didiay ading ta diak met social nga tao. makaik-ikkaten nak payen ken diay account ku ta sagpapaminsan nak met laeng nga ag-FB…


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