This is no surprise for my readers that I am definitely a coffee person. I don’t know how it all started, but everyday our relationship keeps going stronger, day by day.

For the many, days can never be complete without the taste of coffee. To enumerate all its health benefit is innumerable, but one thing is for certain; coffee boosts our whole self-being! I never skip coffee, it’s like a vitamin that keeps me goin’ through the day.

Through blogging, I got the chance to attend the Grand Launch Opening of the first ever Filipino Coffee Shop in Qatar, Figaro Coffee. It’s a Filipino Coffee Company which was established during November 1993. It was mysteriously called “F” store before until later on developed to Figaro inspired by the “Opera: barber of Seville”.

Figaro differs from other cafe because personally speaking, it is from my home country, my love, Philippines and it serves a world of excellently brewed coffee that goes perfectly well in each. You can read more of their company profile here.

The fact that this Filipino Coffee Company is close to my heart (even before), I admire how they support the local farmers from the Philippines as they venture with Kapeng Barako, a coffee varietal grown in the Philippines particularly in the provinces of Batangas and Cavite.  (Now I am becoming patriotic as I write this.)

Main Entrance of the Cafe located at Ghanem Al Thani Business Center (Burger Building)

For the record, it is, and again, my first time to attend an event similar to this. I wasn’t expecting a huge crowd of bloggers all around the cafe but thankfully they are all friendly and very encouraging. Food and lifestyle bloggers are everywhere!

Speaking of food, with no bias at all, I fell in love immediately with their signature “Pasta A la Carlo” an on the following paragraph, I will try my best to describe how it pleases my gastro.

Pasta Ala Carlo
Grilled Chicken Sandwhich

Okay, once I told you on my previous blog post that food blogging is a hard task for me since I couldn’t get exact adjectives to describe how wonderful the food I am eating. There are only two vocabularies for me when it comes for food tasting; delicious and distasteful. So this will be my first try:

Pasta Ala Carlo tastes sweet with a pinch of spicy and enough portions of olives, tuna, tomatoes, and cheese (the rest are not familiar with me btw). This pasta is perfectly suited for me since I love combinations of sweet and spicy. The portion is very generous, enough to load my stomache after a whole day of stress in the office.

I have also tried some of their pastries, pizza, and sandwiches which are all — awesome. This is the factor of having the food, served with amazing staffs and good ambiance of the interior of the cafe.

Guests and VIPs during Figaro Qatar Grand Opening


Of course, the main catch of the event is their coffee. As I have told you that coffee and I have grown in to a healthy relationship. I have come to appreciate his nature over and over again as it always brings out the best mood in me.

They serve me my favorite Latte and it tastes perfectly blended and with the aroma of its coffee beans mixed with exact amount of milk and sugar – I ended up asking another shot of coffee again. (Sorry huneyyy)


Figaro Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The over all experience was truly ammmmazing! This is not a sponsored post yet I gave all my true and honest opinion based on my factual experience. Here is their contact number and location map if you want to experience what I am saying.

Click their links:

Facebook Page 

Instagram Page

Official Website

You can check also previous write up from BESTLIFEQATAR, as he also shared his experience with Figaro before its Grand Launch here. I have to thank also BESTLIFEQATAR my friend,  for taking me to this kind of event.

More power to us!


Figaro Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

4 thoughts on “FOR THE LOVE OF COFFEE: FIGARO COFFEE QATAR -Grand Launch Opening

  1. Same here! I feel incomplete without drinking coffee 😅 not sure if it’s okay to drink it everyday tho. I read somewhere it makes the girl’s chest smaller LOL

    Anyway, i tried figarro once. I ordered their frappe. Was somewhat disappointed with rheir frappe. Mejo malalaki ung ice nila . Not sure with their hot beverages tho. Baka un ang best seller nila hehe

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