Probably you’ll be reading this today because you chose to stay at home and plunge to your smartphone rather than going outside and roam the city.

I understand your situation. It’s not the fact that you are anti-social or you don’t want to meet friends and you’re ain’t feelin’ good to pull out your OOTD look.

I know your sentiment. Agree with me when I say you are just making excuses to your friends that you are feeling not okay and so you’ll not be able to go outside and have some fun with them. *Now you’re nodding your head

I know you just want to make excuse to watch your favorite tv series and slouch to your comfy bed; and do random stuff in your phone right now.

You perhaps, smiling right now. I got you!

And the truth is, this day forward up to end of month is what we call “struggling cliff”. These are the days when we are connecting our previous salary to reach our next salary. Where we are now eating leftovers from our fridge because we haven’t restock our goods. The remaining money in our pocket today is good only for our basic survival and should last up to the month end. *Truth slap *Ouch!

It may be erroneous to say that in spite that most of us are working and saving to our future we reach at a point where we end up struggling at the end days of the month. We knew exactly what we gonna end up and yet we are not doing anything about it. *Truth slap again *Ouch again!

Slap me on my face right now if you don’t agree with me. But I think, “struggling cliff” is common mostly to us employees. The thing is, we wait for our salary on a regular basis then therefore, our budget is also regular. No up-size!

Once our salary arrives, on an ideal basis, we tend to divide it from our expenses to savings or the other way around -savings over expenses. (the later part is the best technique in saving) We give to ourselves the budget or should I say the limit to spend on our allowance to whatever it is we want to buy.

Man is pleasure seeker in nature, from the moment we received salary; Day 1 we buy things or sometimes treat ourselves to our comfort foods. That’s good, Am not saying it’s wrong. You have all the right to use your salary to whatever you please.

It is just odd to say because we have this thing called “pleasure first then pain”.  Funny to the point that I have to write this on  my blog just to make it a point how we spend our money. Where are they now after a month?

Well they already went to our savings account, I hope! If not in our savings account to our investment, if not then to our families. If not, maybe to your bills. If not, maybe ______________________. (complete the sentence with your own reason)

Today, I give due credit to all the reader’s out there who is on the cliff right now. I salute you because you have to bear my article to keep you busy at the moment because you don’t wanna go out with the main reason why we are discussing here.

Seriously, I honor you because you have put all your priorities first on top and you are ready to be imprisoned and be anti-social for a week just to save your money. I have to compliment your dedication on being strict to yourself in terms of financial because you have reached your limit to your budget. I admire you because you’ve chosen to stay at home for today rather than pulling out money from your savings account. *slow cap

I congratulate you in advance for connecting your previous salary up to this coming month end. Hooray!





***photos/gif are not mine – CTTO





  1. I was laughing so hard until I finish reading your article ate. Haha! I dont work, Joma does but I am incharge of budgetting everything. (Never easy) So yeah, “Struggling cliff” is for real 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

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