Dear Mr. Northener,

Today is Saturday and I am not suppose to be working right now at the office. However, I am not literally doing my work stuff here but the office needs my presence for some reasons. So now, I am writing you a letter while drinking on my coffee and that is to keep me looks busy here. Sounds cool yeah? No. Hehe

As suppose, Saturday for me is me-time. 

I should be doing my laundry today, clean the house, pamper my self and prepare lunch for my husband working on a Saturday.

Sorry for telling you this, you can call whatever is this but I am not ranting on my life today. What an early disclaimer to begin with.

Yesterday I went with my friends to The Pearl Qatar – a man made island residential place known to all expats here and Katara Cultural Village to practice video framing and take photography shots. I’d like you to know that I have a heart with visual presentations but I do not have professional training on this, you can see more here to know more what I am saying.

I see that you are also in  to videography, can I assume that? Because you informed me that you are fascinated with it. So I suppose you are making your way to hit this skill. It must have taken your time for you to accomplish one presentation with all it’s visual effects and sounds. And I salute you for that! Send me some time, I’ll plug it in our page!

Sorry Northener, today is Tuesday and will continue what I am saying to you.

Here we go,

So were are we now?

Videography? Ahhh okay. This sounds kewl. And this is on trend now a days. People has now access easily to video editing and becoming more interesting because of social media posts. I like travel videos, I like Sam Kohlder and his friends, I like Jay Alvarez’s too! Their videos and stunts are pegs! Wishful thinking that we can do the same but what the heck, I ain’t good subject for such. Hehe

I like travelling. Everyone does! I like to visit places and document through video travels and photos. Too bad, travelling needs time and I have some constrictions with regards to time. Someday, I wish to travel with you along my friends and husband and share the idea of backpacking. Isn’t that great?

Why do all people coming in here love books? Is this a sign telling me that I should be reading books again? I’ll tell you my drama when talking about books here. A Knight in shining armor for me.

What can I say more of you? This is even harder for me as you said that you are living now well enough with your family and friends plus the high-lightened “my-loving-wife”.

So that’s struck my attention.

So you are married!

How is life being married? How many years have you been together? What are the things that has changed since you got married?

Too many questions for a married person asked by a married person too!

Well, I would like to know such if you could send me a reply.

My married life is not perfect. We have arguments, we have misunderstanding. But I am proud of all those things to mention!

Guess what?

Those are the things I consider that makes my married life even stronger. Life is not always sweet. Sometimes we must add a little spice to make it more pleasing and engaging. It’s a working-relationship that the both sides has to contribute different ingredients to make it all worth while. (Now, I miss my husband while writing this)

Anyway, this letter is not for me and surely not about me. But I just felt like sharing mine. Sorry if this letter leads to nowhere. You can send me an updated details of yourself and I’ll write again sometime. Or whatever it is if you are not satisfied with what I am writing right now.

Please send my regards to your loving wife, I am a self proclaim fan of couples who are very devoted to each other.

I’ll bid goodbye to this paragraph but I remember that you were asking me what do I think about horizons.

So I googled it, although I have an idea what is it. I have to verify my idea.

I am correct! That’s the thing connecting the sky and the earth’s surface. I guess you were not asking me literally, you can just google it also if you want information.

But I’ll give you my best shot as I will stop for this writing,

drink 1 cup of coffee, and a transformation of my inner self;

Contemplate on how I view the horizons.








I’m baaaaack!








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